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The Skyworld cometh…

Feb.1, 2016 (repost from Jan. 8, 2011). Finally mainstream media is forced to start talking about the pole shift. Pole Shift I recommend people to do their own research on this phenomenon. Start with smart people, like Immanuel Velikovsky and Albert Einstein they both had much to say on this topic and they warned us to prepare for pole shift. The earth is a magnet, the sun is a magnet and right now our binary twin(an older magnet) is about to appear in the solar system and it is retrograde to our sun. The ancients from every corner of the world foretold of this cycle as written in “Worlds in Collision” 1950 Worlds in collision The earth has been shaking at every fault for awhile now, so the plates are greased and ready to move.  Rumormillsnews

Many people are looking for Planet X /Nibiru on its 3700 year orbit and waiting for it to rise above the ecliptic plane. The recent finds in Siberia of flash frozen wooly mammoths with tropical vegetation in their stomachs undigested, shows  how quick they were frozen.  When the poles shift it will be sudden and they will shift to the equator and the ice will melt really quick raising the oceans by hundreds of feet . The new poles will be flash frozen and located somewhere on the current equator. The Pacific is compressing and the Atlantic is widening along the mid Atlantic ridge.

We onkwehonwe know this is the return of the skyworld  on its regular journey through the cosmos. The skyworld is where we came from 5 suns ago as recorded by the Maya. This is a time of cleansing and renewal. It is time to change the entire paradigm, out with the old and in with the new and evolved. We watched   the entire man-made economic and banking system go completely wrong, as they are toxic and unsustainable. This pyramidal control grid is coming apart from the inside, as it is all based on a lie and the truth always has a way of coming out in the end. This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

You are a magnet like the sun and the earth and you will also have a shift. The teaching of the Peacemaker was that we could never evolve spiritually while we were killing our own kind. While we are still engaging in the killing, murdering, raping and torture of our fellow people we cannot evolve to the next conscious level. To put an end to the war problem we must restore shareholder liability and remove the masks of the corporate beasts. We will find the same people will own 51% of every corporation on earth. They are the masters of war and need to be held liable for the crimes of their corporations.  We can easily bury all of our weapons under the tree of peace once we hold these people to the fire. Many sources cite this group to number around 10,000 and all interrelated. These people are the only impediment to peace on earth and the evolution of our species.

The skyworld travels around here every 3700 , if you are on earth. If you are on the skyworld one revolution around our sun is 1 year to them. They are in a different  time/space continuum. They are going so fast they are in the future and we don’t have technology to see into the future, yet. Rest assured Dekanawidah will return when the skyworld returns, as he stated when he left.

Remember we are all one and the power lies within your mind to attain the peace.

Our world is changing fast people. Keep a good mind and follow the path.

Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota

Thahoketoteh on youtube.com

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