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Feb. 1, 2016 (repost from April 4, 2014). The ancient ones talked of the sky-world  as the place where the first woman came from. She was very beautiful and she was with child when the sky-world was circling this world. She was cast down to this world when it was covered in water and a great big turtle allowed her to stand on his back. She was able to create Onowaregha,  the first land out of the water. SkyWomenPaintingShe had her child and together they wove the fabric of life on great turtle island and everything was good for awhile. On the next passing of the skyworld the daughter ended up getting pregnant and had twins, though she died in childbirth her boys helped their grandmother complete the beginnings of life and helped with the creation of man. From the dark earth she made the black man, from the red clay she made the red man, from the bark of the elm she made the yellow man and from the salt in the ocean the white man. They all grew here on turtle island until the other lands were ready and she placed them on different parts of the world while leaving the red brother here on turtle island and told him to take care of Great Turtle Island and wait for the other brothers to return home.

In this scenario there is 2 passings of the sky-world and then man arrives on the planet. The Mayan pyramids are built to mark the passage of the sky-world (in their language Quetzalcoatl ) and they are now at the 5th time since man has been here. The estimated time frame for each passage is around 3700 years, so just over 20, 000 years ago we arrived here on this world. The question immediately comes to mind ; where did the earth come from? Let us look at the inner solar system solar system

We can see that the asteroid belt looks like it was once a planet and is now the rubble of same. In the cuneiform tablets found in the deserts of Iraq is the story of the Giant water planet “Tiamat” and its destruction by “Marduk” the destroyer. So this asteroid belt could be the remains of Tiamat and at some point a piece settled into the orbit where we are and eventually became the earth. British Museum  Tiamat was 8 times larger than earth and known as the water planet. That explains why the dinosaurs were so big because they lived on Tiamat. When you delve deeper into the antediluvian history the story turns to the Annunaki and how they were the only evil left in the galaxy and so their home planet Tiamat was blown up. On the next pass of the skyworld it was found they survived. So the moon was placed in its unusual alignment to act as a guardhouse with the Van Allen radiation belts being the electric fence so these beings cannot escape. They were left here to learn about the oneness and to heal their ways so that we may again know peace in the universe.

The Annunaki are still here and still have not learned their lesson and the sky-world will soon be in our skies again. In  The Secret Covenant    they state their greatest fear that they should be cast down from wince they came for all eternity.

Dekanawidah said that we will enter into a time of peace on the entire earth after the next arrival of the sky-world. That means that the Annunaki will finally learn their lesson  longhouse living

On this planet all living things have the same mother, she is the earth. When we focus on the problems our mother has we can all become of one mind and live in Peace.

Unity, Strength, Peace,



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