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The Power of Love

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Jan.2, 2008. The awakening of the mind is growing rapidly on planet earth. We are on the cusp of great changes that will change our perception of reality. The control mechanisms up to now have been fear based. The ghosts of fear work in a predictable way, whatever you fear you will realize. Our choice will be between fear and love. In the words of the great Jimi Hendrix “when the people understand the power of love, instead of the love of power, the world will know peace”. Jimi-Hendrix-Power-of-Love-Quote

When we choose love we will eliminate evil, war and greed. What a beautiful place this will be when the collective conscious switches from a fear based, to a love based existence. We all come from our mothers so it is important to remember our first moments when we came into this world. Remember when we changed from the security of the womb and the warm water. We were probably crying and our mothers held us and we clung to them, at that moment we knew the power of love in our first experience of this reality. To remember this moment is to remember true love flowing from mother to child and from child to mother. In all of us this memory is present, the first lesson in love, so try to remember this.

When we all give love unconditionally, it amplifies itself into a powerful new reality. This truth is behind the age old saying “it is better to give than to receive”. Love is the key to releasing the chains that bind us to the fear based existence. On this planet all living things have the same mother, she is the earth. We all have the same father, he is the creator of all things. That makes us all brothers and sisters. Free your mind by accepting this truth. We can only effect change in our own minds. mind

Nobody can tell you what to think. They can only tell you what they think and you have the responsibility to make up your own mind. This truth is behind the power of the collective conscious. The powers that be do not want the people to realize these truths as that would eliminate their control over the destiny of our earth family. The ruling elite believe they are not of this earth, but they have been here for thousands of years so they are now our youngest brothers and sisters. When they finally understand this, we will all become more powerful in our collective conscious. As they will finally understand the power of love.

The only fear you should hold is fear itself. Your choice is between fear and love. I choose love.

With unity of mind through the power of love, comes great strength.

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Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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