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Pine Poisoning

Pine Poisoning

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July 6, 2007. Yesterday I visited the Dufferin County museum to do some research on Hornings Mills and the poison in the Pine River there. I spent as much time as I could and found much information on the usurpation of our Haldimand tract land dating to 1830. The creation of the man-made ponds is well documented and therefore it should be no problem to have the culprits who left a huge mess in the river, to clean it up.

We have to wonder why the MOE and the Nottawasaga Conservation authority will not test the water to identify the phosphate looking pollution, that has been leaching into the river for over 60 years. The head biologist at Nottawasaga Conservation authority told me they didn’t have it in their budget but suggested I could pay for the tests. These are the people we are paying to look after our waterways and they don’t have it in their budget to test polluted water?

From the work that I did in cleaning up the mess, I saw this as a hideous poison that is affecting the entire ecosystem. When I first put out the story “Poison Pine River” I got my first response from Mr. Harper (after sending 100 emails) and it made me think he knows about this already. First the MOE, then the other regulatory agencies and then the PM’s office. Still no action on the part of the people we are paying to do this job. What gives?
I demonstrated what one man could do to clean-up the mess that we are leaving for our grandchildren to deal with. If every one in that town got in the river like I did, this problem would be gone in one summer.

The new focus of the major parties has been the ecology. This problem, although in everyone’s face, has been swept under the rug again. We see how un-concerned the government is about pollution in this example. It is time for the people to say “what can I do” instead of saying “what will they do” My posterity will know that I tried my best to clean the mess left in their land and water.
What will your future children think about your inaction?

With unity of mind through the natural law, comes great strength.

Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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