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Obama schools his critics…


This is a joke, right?  I should have posted this in the humour section, but then upon review it shows me the sad state of affairs which the once great USA finds itself in right now. The American government is bought and paid for and under the control of the BANKSTERS! It has been usurped by Obummer’s handlers and he is a traitor and is intent on destroying the US economy. Unemployment is through the roof. They say in Canada that we are under 7% unemployment. The true figure, comparing apples to apples is more like 25%. Same in USA. They have changed the rules how they measure unemployment multiple times since 2000. Check shadowstats.com. The quality of jobs need to be examined. We are talking unionized and skilled labour jobs are down across the board and through the floor, clerical, warehouse and McDonalds type labour are up. We have lost over 70% of our manufacturing base in North America since 2000. So explain to me pleeez… how the DowJones index can go up from 7000 in 2008 to over double that today at 18000 with 500-700 point fluctuations week to week? The stock market and the commodities markets are so rigged that it is criminal. The stock markets are being driven higher by the bankster with their free money. Most trading done is institutional, and not by smaller investors. The patterns are too obvious in the quantities and times at which they are traded. We are in another bubble that is about to burst sometime very soon. Check out any article/podcasts by Jim Willie (Goldenjackass.com) or Gerald Celente (trendsjournal.com). Let’s not even go into the commodities, which is the greatest ponzi scheme in the entire history of mankind. The paper markets are controlling the actual bullion market to an extent that is completely preposterous. It costs $20 to get an ounce of silver out of the ground. The spot price is currently in the$16-17 range. Silver should be between 10-15:1 ratio to gold. It sits at 75:1 right now. Gold should be at least $2000/ounce by anyone’s calculation. That means that silver should be at $150-200 per ounce. The affordable care act is anything but… As far as gas prices, we are in an economic war that has destroyed the American fracking industry to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. The Saudis, Chinese and the Russians are behind all this. The low price of oil has nothing to do with the American presidential buffoons doing! This is all linked to Ukraine, and Nato’s attack on Russia. We are the agressors here, make no mistake about that, both in Ukraine and the Middle East. The US petro-Dollar is a zombie currency just waiting to implode , and the USA is trying everything to prevent being the first ship to go down. The Euro is just as dead. It’s a simple race to see who folds first. They’ll be the ultimate biggest loser. I eagerly await any comments contrary to what I have stated….


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