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Harper to continue Canadian Armed Intervention in mid-East Conflict

We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars to paint targets on all Canadian citizen’s foreheads. What has Syria done to us? We are the terrorists here. Let them fight their own battles and let’s not supply them the arms to facilitate them killing each other.

The Americans are in the business of empire building. They took over that world wide role from the British. The US silent criminal pupeteers have created over 300 military bases around the world. The Germans still an occupied country by the USA, having never been released from WWII! This is all under the guise of democracy. YUP! They really helped Iraq. Right after Saddam agreed to accept the Euro – he was no longer their friend. Then Afghanistan – which we Canadians were sucked into helping protect the poppy/opium plantations, Lybia, Ukraine, Syria which is the most recent sucker job that we’ve been dragged into. Hell, Harper should get the Nobel Peace prize just like Obummer.

Harper is a war criminal. My opinion. Harper and Wynne should be both be in jail. Nobody gets charged, and everything is swept under the carpet. Our political system is designed to function for the rich and corporations. Individuals do not have proper representation. I have stopped voting for choices offered that I don’t trust. That includes municipal, provincial and federal governments. They are all criminally corrupt as far as I am concerned.

I challenge the Canadian government to do a referendum on participating in the US led insurgency in the mid-east. I’ve talked to many people. Less than 10% support these terrorist criminal activities that our government has gotten us involved with.

It makes me sick to my stomach how we went from the world’s favourite peace keepers to empire building warmongering terrorists. Our reputation in the middle east has been trashed.


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