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My Conclusions on Diets – PART 1

My Conclusions on Diets – PART 1

It’s a confusing world out there. Let me start with truths that I’ve learned. The first and most important is that we are inundated with chemicals in our food and environment, some of which can be more harmful than heroin! Processed foods have many of  these chemicals hidden within them. The worst of these substances are  Aspartame and MSG as far as I can see. There is enough information out there on  these two.


There is controversy with Aspartame as far as its danger as a neuro-toxin. In the same breath it is admitted that it can mess with your head. How is it made. Readily available information from the patent office tells us that it is created from the feces of e. Coli bacteria. When consumed it breaks down to Formic acid, methanol, and Formaldehyde. Whether these substances are neuro-toxic. I don’t know. I do know that Big Pharma is corrupt, is part of the Eugenic NWO; they lie a lot, massage data, chooses their favorite version of  studies that agree with their point of view. Italian studies have “proven” that it causes tumors. Their studies where put down by “lamestream” media that are indeed owned by the same people that control the medical machine and the banksters. So do I know for sure….? No. Will I take a chance? NO! When in doubt…


MSG – Monosodium Glutamate

The lobby group that protects this industry is bigger than the sugar industry and their lamprey like tenticles of influence can prevent any publication of MSG’s dangers. MSG is a flavor enhancer and when combined with Aspartame makes for a deadly cocktail. Oh, did I say combined… MSG is found in Aspartame! But they say Aspartame is safe. MSG is not so safe.

The evidence is in. It is the deadliest of exitotoxins, and at the same time MSG is still the most common flavor enhancer used world wide. The effects of MSG in prepared foods can  cause dry mouth, headaches, and fatigue, tingling, itchiness, heart palpitations and much more. I know. I have sensitivity to MSG. If I eat foods high in MSG, you can roll me under the dinner table and give a pillow. I can’t keep my eyes open.

I question any substance that has dozens of names. The natural conclusion I come to is that they wish to hide it. The best website that I’ve ever come across on the subject is http://www.truthinlabeling.org/.


We need Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. These three basics need to be in correct balance. I propose that it is unfortunately not the case in modern society. Too much carbs, not enough protein, and too many bad fats. So… let me start with my pet peeve. Canola oil is supposedly healthy. There is no such thing as “organic” Canola oil. IMPOSSIBLE. Why? Canola oil is a genetically modified plant. The best article that I’ve read is Dr. Mercola’s “The Great Conola”, a necessary read that I highly recommend. It can be found at http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2002/08/14/con-ola1.aspx.

The worst part is how it is hidden and used in almost all processed foods. Try to find a salad dressing, any oil preserved foods or even just oils! Vegetable oil… I guarantee it’s 80% or more Canola oil. What makes a good mechanical lubricant does not make a good food oil, and what makes a good food oil does not make a good mechanical lubricant. Chemistry is chemistry. And please, don’t get me started on food labelling. Is 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil really 100% olive oil. It’s easy enough to check. Refrigerate olive oil and it becomes solid. Most cheaper “Extra Virgin olive oils” will not. You’ll see pale wisps. That’s the 100% Extra Virgin olive oil. The rest is – you guessed it usually canola oil.

Let’s talk about the good oils. These include grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, and my favorite – coconut oil.  Some of you have already thought to yourselves that I left out a really important oil…. yeah… aha. canabis oil! I’ll be writing an article just on this this separately.

Some oils are better for raw foodies, some are better for cooking. The best and healthiest for cooking as far as I’m concerned are coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter), and avocado oil.

The importance of oils is just coming to light. Too many diets restrict both carbs and fats. Fats are the grease that keeps things working. Our brains are pretty well made from fat. So, it will come as no surprise how important it is that there are essential substances that allow our bodies to better use the energy from fats. These are called ketones. They allow the body to efficiently use fats as energy, and are the cornerstone of what I’ll call restrictive or starvation type diets.

Protein is also a difficult subject. Meat or vegan. Dr. D’Adamo in his book Eat Right for your Blood Type has some good info. I have seen the sickliest people that are vegan get incredible results from just adding a little red meat, fish, or poultry. For some it works. Problem is that at best vegan protein is 50% carb, and almost 50% protein. Problem there, if ketogenesis is your goal for weight loss. You know what? I really don’t like the term “weight Loss”‘ What most people want to get rid of is visceral fat. The dangerous fat. The fat that kills. So let’s call it for what it is – “fat loss”. I personally want to gain muscle and lose fat. I may not lose weight. I will lose inches though.

The source of proteins is a huge issue. Antibiotics and growth hormones, franken-creatures, GMO such as the new fast growing salmon, farmed fish, the Fukushima radioactive toxification and destruction of the entire northern Pacific Ocean, the misery of the poor agri-farmed creatures. Man oh man, where does it end. Cheap ain’t good. I buy local, and I especially enjoy and insist on farm eggs and organic whenever possible. I eat less meat, fish and poultry because of all of the above, and almost no pork, although I grew up with it as a major staple of our family’s diet. I still can’t say no to the occasional crispy strip or two bacon for breakfast though.

There are some companies out there that are pumping their protein products as the solution. I have realized from my years of experience in the industry that these protein based supplements are OK as a minor tool, but not as the focal point of the diet. Invariably people on these diets gain the weight back, and sometimes blimp out even more. It all comes down to behavioral psychology. So if you ask me, diets such as the commonly known  Atkin’s or the Blackburn Diet, and many other similar “starvation diets” are not the way to go. There is no short cut. The solution is education, a combination of life style changes and time.

Finally let me state my belief with respect to carbohydrates and diets and briefly say it in just one sentence. “The main problem in western society with respect to obesity simply lies in the over consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates with empty calories, coupled with poor nutritionally devoid, chemically laden GMO foods grown in depleted soil and inadequate physical activity.”


I’ve had years of experience in the dieting industry, and can say that they are highly effective in the short term, but, and this is a big one, they fall way short in  the long term. Up until recently there was no magic pill so to speak. Essentially there still isn’t. There is no short cut. The tools are improving, as is the understanding through good information and education.

Here’s some of my conclusions:

  1. Make better choices on what you stick in your mouth, and here one must think outside the box. This includes nutritionals, toothpaste, mouthwash etc…,
  2. Eat less processed foods,
  3. Eat less refined sugars,
  4. Eat less calories,
  5. Work that body – Take a walk, sedentary life kills!


On that “note”, as always there is truth in song …


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