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Kanekota update, April 2011


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April 23, 2011. With the people all investing their trust in the municipal election system at this time, it would be wise to look at the entire failed political experiment called Canada. When corporatism rules, the war continues.

In 2005 our Women Titleholders  properly notified Toronto District School Board to vacate “Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre” property located within the six mile limit of the Grand River.

In 2008 I sent “Royal Proclamation” 1784, the survey and notice to the mayor and all councilors at the city of Toronto that I would be coming to talk with them all and get the keys to the property. On my way down to the meeting I got a call from Councillor Ford, whom I have known for 40 years, he told me to meet him at Etobicoke City Hall instead. I thought that was strange,  we diverted to Etobicoke City Hall instead. When we arrived there it was just my two companions, Rob Ford and I.

I asked Rob if he brought the keys and he shook his head no. He said “I cant step on any toes, it’s a real sensitive issue” I asked him who were “they” and he would not say.  In my role as “eyes and ears” in Kanekota I received information that Finance Minister  Jim Flaherty is trying to secure the disputed property for himself and he was spotted last month in Honeywood which is 2 km from the property. Has the Finance Minister been at the head of a cabal to ignore a “Royal Proclamation”, the supreme law of the British Empire? This is a real sensitive issue.

I moved up to Kanekota in 2000 because it was “British Protectorate” land for my future children and it was the hilly country of prophecy. I found out rather quickly there was a criminal plot to undermine the Empire, by a cabal of connected individuals called “The Highland Group”. Another source told of these people as;  72 33rd degree Freemasons whom also know of our prophecy.  Is the Finance Minister one of the Masonic  shareholders? This is a real sensitive issue.

The precedent for a Royal Proclamation superseding Admiralty Law is the enactment of the “Balfour Declaration 1917” Whereby the British Generals invaded Palestine in 1947 to create Israel, as per the Royal Proclamation. I am one of “his majesties faithful allies” as the royal proclamation states. I think there is still one general in the British military whom will deal with this problem for us.  This is a real sensitive issue.

As Gushwenta states; we stay in our canoe, you stay in your boat. With the rats knowing at the hull, your boat is in danger of sinking. This is a real sensitive issue.

With unity of mind comes great strength, with this power we will attain the peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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