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Recently we started using something called LLLT – Low Level Light Therapy at our clinic. As is my nature, I have to know how things work. I just need to know! I came across some research by NASA which holds amazing promise. Digging deeper, I came across Dr. Gerald H. Pollack’s work. He is a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. His research over the last 20 years is groundbreaking. (http://faculty.washington.edu/ghp/cv/).

We know that there are 3 states of water that consist of gas, liquid and solid. Right? WRONG! There is a fourth state that is called the exclusion zone. It is between solid and liquid. It has similar crystalline properties to that of ice, but lacks the proton that binds the particle into their solid state. It has an hexagonal helical configuration similar to that of our DNA/RNA. That alone led me to think… is our DNA structured the way it is due to this structure which is basis of all life that we know?

The most interesting aspect though is the multitudinous applications from water filtration to our own anatomical function. Here is where I discovered something quite amazing – to me at least. Our heart is responsible for moving the blood around our body to feed our cells and thereby preserve life. Again, how wrong I was in this assumption. It seems that most of the capillery flow is ionic in nature. The red blood cells are pulled rather than pushed through the arterioles that feed the cells oxygen, and the veinuoles that remove the oxygen depleted blood back towards the heart.

The epiphany to me was that the water in the body is energized by light. The resultant EZ zone which is comprised of H3O2 increases and raises the energy level within the body. This increase in energy certainly reduces stress. It also increases circulation efficiency and tissue oxygenation. I’m sure that is a good thing.

To see a great educational video you need to watch this TED talk by Dr. Pollack.


How does all this fit into LLLT? The area of our skin surface is huge. There is no delivery system that I know of that is as efficient as the In-light Wellness System that we are using in our clinic. We’ve used lasers for years, but the average application heads of these units are only about 5-10 square inches or circular with about a 3 inches diameter. The unit we use has 6 ports and each of the flexible pads can be wrapped around various body parts. The pads have up to 480 LED’s each.  In 20 minutes only we can maximize the results. More time is not necessary in any given treatment.

The results we getting are absolutely amazing. Everything from skin facial wrinkles, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy to MS to sciatica and stress have positive response. To many of our patients it is just plain miraculous. I personally have had some numbness and pain in my feet. I notice a major improvement after only a couple 20 minute treatments! For more information you can contact me at john.k@akinom.ca.

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