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Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P.



Sep. 14, 2009. When we look up in the sky we can see they are blanketing the skies with Chemtrails. These trails can be viewed while they turn into artificial clouds and blanket most of the sky. There is so much info and dis-info on this crime but search google or you just have to look up at the sky. One of the uses for chem-trails is to prepare the sky as a suitable screen for holographic imaging.

People are starting to realize the negative effect that microwave cell phone signals are having on their brains but what about the very low frequency (VLF) and extra low frequency (ELF) waves that are being sent out at between 1 and 8 herz? This is the same frequency that the human mind communicates. vlf transmittor

When driving from Shelburne to Vaughan I counted 50 new microwave towers with VLF and ELF transmitting capabilities, from Shelburne to Acton 18, from Shelburne to Durham 18. I do not think these towers are only for better cell phone transmission, they could have a much sinister use.. If you did not watch the CBC documentary on HAARP, here is the link CBC on HAARP If you have never heard of HAARP’s Project Bluebeam you should watch this short videoProject Bluebeam

Remember when the media stated that the U.S. would be trying out it’s latest secret weapon on the Iraqi troops in the Gulf War? That was their first operational test for broadcasting directly into the brain between 1 and 8 herz. The veteran Iraqi soldiers came out of their bunkers and laid down their weapons and kissed the feet of their American invaders. It looks like they are actually going to try this stuff on us, here in Ontario. When we see the holographic images in the sky, or hear the voices talking directly to our brain, just know that the guys who run Hollywood also run HAARP and this is their latest movie, that is all.


It is great to witness the people awaken to the hidden agenda of the power elite. Here in Kanekota they have begun to dig in for the coming pole shift in hopes that they will survive and emerge as our rulers again. The real people here are starting to understand who their new neighbors are. They are all 33rd degree freemasons or “Luciferians” , do your own homework on this satanic sect.

When we realize the oneness the pyramid will come down.

Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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