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Is World War III coming?

I felt urged to write something tonight. What is this craziness that is going on in the world? From political correctness to bankster wars to sovereignty issues around the world, it is all spiraling into hell. My awakening started with Alex Jones, who I now believe to be as much a media hero as a schill for the New World Order. The leaders of our world’s once most powerful country is being destroyed from within by a president that must hate the country that he supposedly leads. I believe him to be a deviant of the highest order that has lied about almost everything that he supposedly represents.

Our own country is now lead by the son one of the most charismatic Prime Ministers that Canada has ever had. The jury is out. I hope the change that he brings is positive, but I am not very optimistic. Will he legalize Marijuana? It’s about time that one of God’s greatest herbal gifts is available for all.

The threat of World War III all comes down to the pickle that the banksters find themselves in. When all else fails go to war. As a student of history, the old adage that history repeats itself rings too true. It reminds me of the scene of the football play in the movie The Longest Yard. Well, if it worked once let’s try it again, and again, an again. People are are a little more naive due to the brainwashing in the media. People are dumber. There’s a reason they call it programming (see: https://www.facebook.com/HigherPerspective/videos/1117400661625585/?theater).

We no longer live under even color of rule of law. The richer you are, the more evil the crime that you can get away with. Wachovia Bank laundered over 389 Billion dollars in cartel drug money  and got fined a mere 1.9 billion. That worked out about 3 tenths of 1%. (see http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/03/us-bank-mexico-drug-gangs) Yet youths get put in jail for up to a decade or more for selling a couple grams. Where is the justice in that?

We sent war planes over to Syria to support American efforts. As it turns out the Americans, and the British are the largest exporters of terrorism. The events of 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, Timothy McVeigh, San Bernadina, The French shootings  – ALL where false flag operation conducted by clandestine departments/organizations within our own governments to destroy our countries. The refugee influx into Europe was all funded by the US in an effort to destroy the European economy. The Euro zone government is all part of it. Merkel, the leader of the largest industrial nation in Europe was a politically active East German communist, who like Obummer in the USA, is bent on destroying their countries from within.

The Russians, now who would ever have thought that I would be cheering on Putin – turns out to be a hero. In one weekend he almost totally destroyed ISIS/ISIL – the American supported, supplied, trained and incited terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria. It turns out that Turkey and Israel have obtained over 800 billion dollars worth of oil  just this year. What do you think they paid for it? Next to nothing. The guns that are fueling  the violence which they sell to the idiots that that they arm for exorbitant rates for that blood oil.

Make no bones about it. These are not wars for freedom. These are not wars for democracy. This is an out and out power struggle to try and preserve the power of the dollar and the prestige that it gives the USA. Unfortunately for the US, they have an a deviant idiot at the helm that is ensuring their downfall. It’s going to be like a child going up against a bunch of adults. Russia and China will not fool around. I think this war will be brought to our shores. We will be the victims, as they have planned that we should be. This follows well within the UN’s Agenda 21 goals. Read about it… I challenge you all. you’ll be sick to your stomach when you see what they have planned for us.

Back in the 60’s during the tribulations of the Vietnam war, I remember a slogan “What if they gave a war and nobody came”.  All the wars since before Napoleonic times have been banker wars. The elites have gained, and the middle class and the poor have suffered. Nikola Tesla discovered free energy and JP Morgan shut him down. JFK was assassinated for many reasons, but first and foremost was his executive Order to shut down the Federal Reserve. The morals of society have sunk into depravity. Religion , rather than a force of good has become the divisive tool of manipulation that sets us up to jump on each other with violence and hayhem. Up is down, front is back,  good is bad evil is good. Pants hanging halfway down their asses, exposing their underwear? Do these kids realize that is the prison signal that one is sexually available. The acceptance of gays as normal. I don’t believe that I should have to accept it as normal, but nor do I judge them. Political correctness has just gone down a wrong turn. Sticks and stones can hurt me, and I am against violence and bullying.

I know what is good and wholesome. I also know what is not, and I did not have to read a bible to know that. It is still a good book, and not half bad to help guide one’s life. Islam, I have problems with. To certain things I say Hell ya, that works  for me, and  then comes the way they treat and classify women, as inferior creatures that can be whipped if they don’t give it up to their husbands??? …oh but one should not leave a mark on their face? The enmity for people that do not believe the same?

Tolerance, love, compassion, sharing, teamwork. I don’t care what colour, what religion, what nationality, what language. Why can’t we all just get along.

When they announce the war, and try to tell you who the enemies are, just turn off the TV, turn off the radio, and go talk to  that neighbour that is supposedly now your enemy, but has been your friend for the last 10 years. The governments are all liars. they do not work for you. They are doublespeak, they are the Ministry of Truth. They are SATAN given form. I will refuse to play their game. I will hold true to my own philosophy of love, peace, a respect for my planet and all it’s inhabitants. BTW, I will never ever become a vegan. Forget that. I do eat more veggies and fruits than meat though.

nuff said…

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