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Oct. 5 2012. Judge rules that the Federal Court has no jurisdiction to grant the remedies I was asking and that the Admiralty Statute that gives FCC authority, over-rules a Royal Proclamation. This is wrong and treasonous. He also ruled that “as this court has no jurisdiction to deal with these issues, leave to amend is also denied.” So they rule out my right to appeal.  He did not dispute any of my argument and it is now on the public record. Although none of our remedies were granted, this is a victory for getting the truth out there.

I have sought to fulfill my role here in Kanekota using the principles of the Gushwenta as a guide and by teaching the great peace to all. The criminal enterprises that refuse to follow a Royal Proclamation are a minor set-back and they will be dealt with accordingly. The hills of Kanekota will always be under British Protectorate status and that is the fact.


I have been ignored by the Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments when reminding them about their duty and now the Federal Court. The Shareholders of the Corporation of Canada have also set up the court system, which they also own. It appears the courts are to never make any ruling that denies profits for the shareholders, even if it means they break their own rules. My argument was Rule of Law ; A Royal Proclamation supersedes admiralty statutes. They took the position that no statute grants them authority to deal with a Royal Proclamation?


So in Canada we have no constitution, as was demonstrated when they would not follow section 35 and provide “aboriginal consultation” at the OMB hearing regarding the windmills

and with no constitution we have no Bill of Rights as was shown in the G20 fiasco in Toronto

When the Peacemaker came to teach us, he knew that until we figured it out in our own minds we would never get it. That is why he was such a great teacher and why I show my path to all who want to see my struggle, so they can figure it out for themselves. We must be the change we want to see in the world people and it starts in your own mind.


Unity, Strength, Peace.

Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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