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Why is Fukushimi Not More in the Headlines?

I’ve been reading on quite a few of my favorite headlines about problems in the Pacific Ocean due to the toxic radiation from the cooling water they dumping into the North Pacific Ocean. After many years this toxic waste has made it over to our coastal waters and we are starting to see catastrophic results. As an example, sardine populations have decreased by 91%! The Orca is having almost 100% infant mortality. I believe this is because they are at the top of the food chain, and are thereby ingesting massive amounts of aggregated radiation polluted food.

There is still no solution for the catastrophe caused by the incorrect storage of the spent fuel rods. In fact, it is getting worse rather than better. I’ve read in some articles that part of the problem may be American dumping of nuclear waste in the ocean using Fukushima as a cover. I’m not sure about that though. I still have some hope that people cannot be that blatantly evil.

Just recently weather Canada announced detection of Fukushima radiation off our western coast. They stated that it is harmless. Yeah…? Here is the article for that showing a map of the affected areas in the Pacific.

Fukushima according to Weather Canada

The media has almost a complete silence on an issue that effects the entire world and much of our oceanic food supply. I personally will not eat anything from the Pacific Ocean. That is my choice. An interesting little factoid that I came across that really made me worry is the fact that one molecule of radioactive Strontium guarantees cancer within 5 years. Think on that.

We need to ask our politicians what is being done about this. I personally don’t think that we should be in Kiev or the middle east, not when there is such a problem as Fukushima. What do you think?


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