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An Authority I look up to

Over the last 20 years that I’ve embedded myself in research using the internet, I have come up with a number of what I will refer to as “iGEMS”. The Golden Jackass is one of these. I have listened and read to few authorities that I can be sure that are on the money as Jim Willie. He’s not afraid of saying “I don’t know”. He checks things out and accurately reports on his findings. You’ll find him interviewed on sites like silverdoctors.com and sgtreport.com. The most recent report is an eye opener and your hair may be standing up on end. It is more informative in his last one hour interview than watching the news for two weeks. Here’s a link to his latest podcast. In the future, I’ll be summarizing the highlights. There’s just too many in this podcast. Take the time, don’t believe a word of it, but take it for checking. What you will find will be both informative and shocking!


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