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Today is Saturday May 7th, and I’m fed up to the point that I can no longer resist from putting a major rant onto paper. This article will not be read through it’s entirety by most because most people just can’t handle the truth that well, and once you’ve read through this rant, you just can’t put the lid back on and close the can that will have been opened for you.

We are in the middle of a global economic meltdown. PERIOD! Those of you out there that are brainwashed will argue that point, and respond with the lame-stream media meme that we are recovering, or at worst in a slight recession. Let me me make it clear for the pleebs out there that we have been in the worst unemployment situation since the Great Depression. The USA and Canada are currently sitting at well over 23% national unemployment. That is worse than the worst time during the Great Depression. There are no soup kitchen lines today to let us realize the extent of the dire situation. It’s all food stamps and plastic. They are all among us and we remain clueless. The blame, just at as it was for World War 1 and World War I part II (story on it’s own – https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/3p3s2z/could_it_be_reasonably_argued_that_wwii_was_just/) is the banksters, the elites, New World Order, the Corporate fascists… call them what you want. They ain’t us. We’re not in  the club.  We’ll never make the club as one of my favorite comedians once said. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5dBZDSSky0) They make the rules, and then they sugar coat it through the media, and make us actually think we like what they’re dishing out to us.

If I had it my way, I’d  expedite the removal of any politician that is not performing their fiduciary duty to the people that elected them. Let’s start with the borrowing of money from PRIVATE banks at interest, rather than the government or in Canada, the Bank of Canada. In Canada we have the right to borrow money interest free from the Bank of Canada, but ever since PierreElliott Trudeau ruined Canada, we have been borrowing money from private banks at interest that was created from nothing out of thin air! The sheeple are too stupid to recognize the wolf in the hen house. See that little flower (a red rose) that he always wore on his lapel? That is the sign that he is a socialist bent Fabian. (more on the Fabians – http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2014/06/socialist-capitalist-alliance-fabian-society-frankfurt-school-and-big-business-part1.html) I have too much to rant about, so here is a link to an excellent article all about this (http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_nwo154.htm). OUR ENTIRE DEBT IS FRAUDULENT FOLKS! Don’t believe me? Check out the Comer vs Canada and the Queen legal case where we successfully sued and won on this very issue! The media has conveniently neglected to report on this AT THE REQUEST OF THE GOVERNMENT! Check out the site http://www.comer.org/ or for a quick and dirty summary here’s a great article on the subject – http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-case-to-reinstate-the-bank-of-canada/5430132.

Portrait of a criminal Politician

Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
Picture of a Criminal Politician

…ahh , but I have more fish to fry today. That’s just background. We now are in Trudeau Part II here in Canada. The apple never falls far from the tree. The sheeple don’t understand that our Prime Ministers and Presidents are just another name for King or Queen. Justin was groomed for his title as Prime Minister of the Corporation of Canada (notice I did not say the country of Canada). I saw this almost 10 years before he made his first and successful run at PM. Who do you think Justin swore allegiance to when he took office? I watched the whole inauguration of Justin and his entire cabinet. It made me want to throw up. Who did they swear fealty to? Us, the Canadian people?  Nooooo… They swore “I will be faithful and bear true alliegance to  her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and all her heirs and successors, so help me God”! That’s word for word folks. No mention of us, just those royal parasites that don’t even reside in our country… er corporation. We are owned people. We are slaves in a gilded cage. Hey, but don’t believe a word I say. Check it for yourself. (http://globalnews.ca/news/2316158/watch-live-justin-trudeau-cabinet-ministers-sworn-in/). Justin’s oath was identical to ever other cabinet member’s oath! His job is now  to shove through the Global Warming/Climate Change agenda or whatever else you want to call it, and deliver more money to his handlers through Carbon taxes. This is the biggest taxation scam since the War Measure Act and illegal income taxes, both in Canada and the USA (USA – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ySZrO_u7vY, Canada – http://www.pittmeadowstoday.ca/federal-politics-did-you-know-that-income-tax-was-supposed-to-be-a-temporary-measure-in-1917/). Carbon taxes will be impossible to get rid of once ingrained into policy and will become just another additional link in our yoke of slavery to the elites.

trudeau and our national parasiteTrudeauTPPcartoonJustin_Trudea_F-bomb-marked copy


This reminds me, and brings me to the subject of TPP – the Trans-Pacific-Partnership which is being presented to us as a trade agreement, but in actuality is just a fascist stratedy to break down national soveirnty and give ultimate control to trans national corporations (again all owned by the elites). A great inspiration and a most knowledgeable man is Paul Craig Roberts. I can’t say it any better(Read at http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/03/15/tpp-is-not-a-trade-agreement/ or listen to an excellent interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRoTLsAO2Kw). Paul has been warning us about this since 2012 or so.

…and on we go to the next item on the agenda. What about Fort MacMurry. Well let me tell ya… A friend of mine pointed this out to me, and this is really the main cause of this rant. You’ve heard about the 25000 Syrian refugees? We are spending – they say 1.6 billion dollars on them. NOT! First there is another 25000 coming to top off the first 25000. The real cost is estimated as easily north of 6 billion dollars, and we know with our unemployment rate that almost 80% will not find jobs within the next 2-10 years. Of course that is if you’re to believe government numbers. They are always low and conservative right?

Now how about we cancel that second lot and take care of our own first – huh Justin? What is with this we will match Red Cross donations bullshit! Tell your handlers we are no going to take this shit any more! Do I sound angry? Damn right I’m angry! The feds have enough money to spend on foreigners, but nothing for our own tax paying citizens! Let me get back to my friend’s observation. Who is going to benefit the most from this greatest catastrophe in Canadian history. A little background on Fort MacMurray. The city has been in full economical meltdown for over 3 years now. Ever since the drop in oil prices, our tar sands are not economically viable. The industry has basically been put on standby. That does not mena though that financial obligations are put on standby. Oh no. Debts must be paid. Now the CIBC is the  bank that I understand that is on the hook the most to the Tar sands businesses. “Canadian oil is the cheapest in the world, with Western Canadian Select prices settling at US$19.80 per barrel on Wednesday, a US$23 discount over West Texas Intermediate”.  (read http://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/cracks-may-begin-to-appear-in-canadian-bank-earnings-as-oil-downturn-persists?__lsa=cfbd-a6a2). Bridge loans or “patch loans” as Jim Willie “the Golden Jackass”  likes to more accurately call them, are loans that the banksters are lending to those industries  to make their payments on original debt obligations that they can’t make because there has been no net income. You can’t keep losing money on the individual deals by making up for it in volume!  Well those bankster funds are finite, and the bleeding out of the oil financial sector is terminal in nature – like Stage 4 cancer! The result has been a massive stagnation in the areas economy. That means no new construction, existing construction put on hold, and a general downturn in the business health. Now the suffering is directly felt most by whom? If you answered the Banksters, then give yourself a star!

Flash forward to last week and the catastrophe that are the fires in Fort MacMurray. Would it surprise anyone that there’s been evidence of HAARP activity in the area. ( read – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/05/suspicious-haarp-signatures-over-canadian-wildfire-area-radar-evidence-of-haarp-rings-3348947.html). Now follow me down the rabbit hole. Insurance gets paid out the home owners, they get their homes paid for which in turn enables them to fulfill teir debt obligations to the banksters, who register huge profits from the brink of bankruptcy. This is potentially another opportunity knocks scenario. as the über criminal Rahm Emanuel said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”. On the subject of HAARP, please view the video below by Elana Freeland who has written a great book on Haarp and chemtrails.

I can’t leave a rant without covering the issue of the markets. Why and how can the Dow Jones index be at 18000 when we’ve lost 70% plus of our industrial base? Well that’s rather easy to explain. Let’s assume that the banks are getting free money – which they are. Now the free money was given to help stimulate the faltered real estate market in the USA. The return on mortgage profit for the banks is roughly 3% plus or minus some points. Now, the average return in the markets over the last 7 years has been on average 27% per year! That return will not earn you seat or allow you to keep a seat at any of the banks trading desks. Traders at the banks are getting returns of up to 80% per year. Now if you were the banksters, where would you put your money – mortgages, trading desk- mortgages – trading desk… hmmmm. I guess there won’t be easy mortgages any more. On a side note, mortgages = mort (fr. death) + gage ( fr. contract) = “death contract”. How delicious!

Let me show you a chart I put together that shows the Dow Jones index, with ROI ( Return on Investment) and a silver chart overlay. I use silveR as I believe it is a lot more volatile and as such is extremely more susceptible to manipulation. This is obvious by the simple fact that for over 2000 years the Silver/Gold ratio was between 10-15 to 1. It has been as high as 90 to 1 and is hovering currently around 82 to 1. This is ridiculous. We regularly see trading in silver of more than the world’s annual production in just a few hours and less!  The 7 year cycles that are depicted fall in with the fairly consistent Shemitah (Listen  at http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/does-this-seven-year-cycle-of-economic-crashes-predict-the-exact-date-of-the-global-financial-collapse/)

Custom Dow Jones Chart with Silver pricing overlay

I constructed this chart up to show how the markets are spiraling out of control are being massively manipulated. They give and then always take more, then they give again, and the ignorant people buy into rising prices, only to be nailed down again with massive losses – essentially theft. The 7 year economic cycle I’m showing, actually goes back pretty accurately right back t0 the early 1900’s. I believe that we are about to see the greatest transfer of wealth in the entire  history of the world. When it happens is anyone’s guess. They will milk the cow until it gives no more milk. Every time I thought it was over and the economic meltdown was due, they came up with another trick to keep the ponzie scheme going.

Here’s the kicker. With all the bankster crime going on, from market manipulation to money laundering for drug cartels, not one bankster has done any jailtime. Sure there were the scapegoats like BernieMadoff. Realistically if you or I laundered drug money, they would stick us in jail for a long time AND take away everything. That is not the case  for the “too big to fail” banks. The banksters have paid billions in fines, but I am not aware of a single person that has been arrested, charged or convicted!

One last thing before I end my rant. The Donald. Is he amazing, or what? I see an awakening happening. Here was a candidate that is saying what he feels, and which is mirroring what many Americans are feeling. The puppet masters that control the government are afraid. Their plans may be unraveled yet. I worry that he may be a false hope, but deep down I think he’s on the level. They call him a rascist. He is not. They call him a hatemonger. He is not. Look to George Soros and his front organization moveon.org and other similar seed groups. (read http://www.infowars.com/soros-funded-moveon-org-takes-credit-for-violence-in-chicago/) He pays for protestors. The violence is not incited by Trump supporters! Soros and his globalist cronies did the same thing in Ukraine, Egypt, Syria and they are using the same tactics her in America. (read http://www.globalresearch.ca/occupy-wall-street-ows-and-the-arab-spring-whos-funding-the-protest-movement-whos-behind-it/5368043). This November will prove to be very interesting. I see war clouds in the distance – not too far away. Will sanity rule, or will they once more con enough fools to go to war. As far as I see, the globalist fascists have painted themselves into a corner. With every step they have less and less options. Already the Fed cannot reverse the low interest rates because if tey do, the economy collapses. Yet this money madness cannot go on.

We live in interesting times. The masses are becoming aware. I don’t think that the elites realized the power of the internet, and the internet’s ability to to shrink the world onto our desktop. Soon, very soon, I think we just won’t take it anymore.

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