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The CIA, the EU and BRexit

I’m about to rant, so clear the lanes! People do not realize the true nature of the United States. The United States took over as the most imperialist, war mongering nation in the world from Britain. Everything that they do now is meant to control their globalist hegemony. The EU was a CIA operation. You heard me right. The EU is a CIA designed construct to enable the United States to control ALL of Europe. You see, it’s too difficult to bribe and coerce every country individually. The EU is a totalitarian political construct that removes any significant power and sovereignty from each member country. As a unit, the US political hacks can control and influence the EU to take an adversarial stance against Russia. When you combine the militarization by NATO with the EU along the Russian border you will again clearly see the aggression of the United States against Russia.

Now let us go back just a few years, and take a brief look at the US/Ukraine operation. The origin of the troubles started with George Soros funding and paying protestors for over two years to foment civil unrest in Ukraine. Soros and US achieved their goal when they sent the elected Prime minister of Ukraine scurrying to Russia for fear of his life. They replaced him with Petro Poroshenko who is a Princeton University educated known CIA asset for over 25 years. Shortly, within a week or so, the USA removed 30 of 33 tons of Ukraine’s gold reserves to the New York Fed. The division caused a referendum in Crimea in which the citizens (under UN and international scrutiny) voted almost 95% with over 85% of the population voting to remain with Russia. Yet in our media you will only hear how Russia annexed Crimea. Complete lies! That is what you should expect though from any corporate controlled media in the western world. The whole plan was to try to start a war, by militarizing the borders and also to create EU sanctions against Russia. Russia supplies over 70% of the natural gas to Europe. 40% of Germany’s industry deals directly with Russia. We’ll see how those sanctions work out for Europe.

I see the US almost like the Wizard of Oz, hidden, but directing and controlling from behind the veil of the CFR, IMF, the EU parliament (which is a corporate controlled entity to begin with), and NATO. This leads us back to my statement that the EU is a CIA construct. Just look at South America, and what control, but really how they achieved  that control through their subversive imperialist, underhanded criminal maneuvers. A good reference and a must read to open your eyes to the truth of the world is Diary of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. ( You can get the pdf version for free at http://resistir.info/livros/john_perkins_confessions_of_an_economic_hit_man.pdf)

The EU is nothing more than the European version of what they have achieved both in the Middle East with the Petro-dollar arrangement with the Saudis and the South American dictators. I always say to my readers not to believe a word I say, but take it for checking. Here are a few references which outline the truth in this matter.


Here’s a great article on this “secret” history which they don’t want anyone knowing:


You can do your own research further into the matter.

Lastly, I would like to reference President Obummer’s recent visit to Britain, where he warned of the dire consequences if Britain left the EU. The question you have to ask yourself is what interest is it to the American government and policies if Britain leaves or stays. Well… now you know the why. The snowball will start accelerating as countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy’s public assets are being sold off to pay for fictitious bankster incurred debts realize how they have been conned and trapped. The globalist interests are rapidly falling apart, from political situations like this, as well as the criminality of the banking system.

Now, George Carlin who is a favorite comedian of mine once said that ” If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it”! The BRexit referendum is such a vote that does matter. They have imported the corrupt Diebold voting machine owned by the Bush crime family ( who are the richest family in the USA through their narco-money). The dissatisfaction of the British people with the EU though is too dominant to be rigged without obvious evidence. They used the assassination of the pro-EU martyr Jo Cox just last week to demonize all BRexit supporters as violent terrorists. It seems to have worked… Further, if they don’t think all that is enough, I believe that they’ll suspend the referendum because when voting matters, they won’t let you do it. Do not think for one moment that the powerbrokers in charge are going to let all their hard work and preparations go awry that easily.

Here’s a ode to Globalism by the band Muse with accompanying lyrics:

“The Globalist”

You were never truly loved
You have only been betrayed
You were never truly nurtured
By churches of the state
You were left unprotected
To these wild and fragile landsBut you can rise up like a God
Arm yourself
You can be strong
You can build a nuclear power
Transform the earth to your desireFree your mind from false beliefs
You can be the commander in chief
You can hide your true motives
To dismantle and destroyNow you finally have the codes
I have given you the code
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire

There’s no country left
To love and cherish
It’s gone, it’s gone for good
It’s you and me babe
To hunt and gather memories
Of the great nation we were

There’s no countries left
To fight and conquer
I think I destroyed them all
It’s human nature
The greatest hunter
Will survive alone
With no one left to love

There’s no culture left
To love and cherish
It’s gone, you know it’s gone for good
A trillion memories
Lost in space and time for ever more
I just wanted
I just needed to be loved


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