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Happy 2012

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Jan. 5, 2012. As we enter 2012 many of the people are starting to realize the illusion and as they wipe the sleep from their eyes, they feel like they just awoke from a bad dream. Confusion, fear and outrage are common after such a long sleep. A few deep breaths and a good stretch will help, as we chart our course through this coming year of change.


We can see the toxicity and in-sustainability in every man-made system. There is a need to restore a balance so that we may have a good future for our children whom are not as yet born, those seven generations in front of us. To balance the planet we need to restore the power of the women within our human societies. The Chinese refer to this balance as Yin and Yang and it comes right from nature.


Here on Turtle Island the natural law has also been taken from nature. In a matriarchy the women are the ones whom elect the male leaders as they are the progenitors and know their sons better than any man. The jurisdiction of the women is the children and the land they bring them into, as in nature. In present day the municipality is where the children come, so this is where the balance needs to change.

In the corporate states known as the US and Canada the municipality is over-ruled by two hierarchal (male) systems and I believe it is the cause of this imbalance. In every home it is the mother whom is at the helm and that is when there is peace and harmony in the home. When the women are in balance in a neighborhood is when we have community, when the women are in balance throughout the communities is when we have a nation.  All of the native-American systems are matriarchal and adhere to the natural law. Let us balance the yin and yang in ourselves first and then restore the power of the women from whom we all come.

As we birth this new age we will be witnessing many phenomena. The “Peacemaker” said “the fish would turn on their bellies in the water, the birds will fall from the sky”, “there will be a bright light many times brighter than the sun coming from the east”  We will survive if we restore the balance within ourselves and our families. Peace and harmony will flow to the rest of the world from this balancing act here on Turtle Island.

We have been the guardians of the “Law of Peace” since the arrival of the 4th sun some 3700 years ago. As we enter the arrival of the 5th sun let us balance the consensus process and enter into a true, sustainable peace based on balance and harmony with all. It is a great time to be alive.


Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota


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