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Feb.1, 2016. Everything that was ever created by man, started as a thought in one mind. Thoughts turn into memory and memory is DNA,  that is why we all have a unique code. Thoughts only come from 2 sources; old memories or divine inspiration.  When we remember how to use our memory again, we will remember right back to the first mother and everything in between.  Then we will be ready for divine inspiration and we will evolve as a species.

The evil that exists in this world was placed here with us and are a part of the “one”. We are to heal this wound in our collective conscious so we can evolve through the emotion of love and leave fear behind us forever. Love starts between a mother and child and is why the council of women are responsible for the children and the land they bring them into.  That makes the local community or “municipality” the most important level of the decision making process and also makes the corporations polluting the local environment against the law of the land.


The movie “Avatar” is a fictitious account of what happened to us in 1779. The American revolution  was created by the crown to divide and conquer us, the Iroquois. The first few years were a series of staged battles between freemasons (Washington and Cornwallis) to start the illusion of freedom amongst the settlers they placed here. Washington had a ragtag army as the story goes but in 1779 General Sullivan amassed the largest patriot army of the war and turned it on us to reveal the true intention of the war. Sullivan marched on Onondaga the home of the sacred tree of peace and destroyed everything he could for one year, while the British enjoyed their tea at Quebec. A few years later they placed a false border right through the middle of Iroquois land and called one side Canada, the other the United States. The bloodline was and still is, controlling both states through their banking and “free market” enterprises.

Hollywood is owned by these same people and they reveal their motives in each new movie. The movies 2012 and the Knowing tell us of end of the world scenarios where the powers that be, do not tell anyone of the impending disaster until days before it is upon them. The plots are all the same, cataclysmic events that destroy the world. They never tell you what is causing these events, although these same people own NASA and have been watching through Hubble and the South Pole telescope. They will not tell you until they are dug in deep for their own survival.south pole telescope

We know that the skyworld is on its way back for the 5th time since we have been here. You will see two suns in the sky soon and it will signal the end of the power structures that have screwed things up so bad. We know them as the serpents and when the second sun appears in the sky they will never be seen by the people again.  It is the skyworld that we came from and our men have been dealing with their men all along there. The great peace will return with the second sun and that is the good news. We will evolve as a species through the power of love when we eliminate fear in our own minds. We can connect back to the true power of creation itself when we embrace the oneness. Thoughts are things…

Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota



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