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Reality Winner

Meanwhile back on the other side of the water or associate writer John Robles reports on the inner workings from a Russian perspective, on things you Need To Know;





The Case of “Reality Leigh Winner” and the End of the Intercept

“Mom, those documents, I screwed up.”

Reality Winner Detention Order June 9, 2017 Thanks to JY

Reality Winner Detention Order June 9, 2017

Reality Winner Indictment and Penalty June 8, 2017 Thanks to JY

Reality Winner Indictment and Penalty June 8, 2017

Reality Leigh Winner Court Files June 5, 2017 Thanks to JYAThanks to JY

Reality Leigh Winner Court Files June 5, 2017

Barret Brown Outed by the Intercept. Courage Foundation Attempting to Cover


A Note From the Author on the Responsibility to Report

Sometimes age is an asset, as with writing and other endeavors that require experience, something I must mention because this runs contrary to contemporary popular thinking, especially here in Russia, and I have recently been humiliated, denigrated and discounted for, among other things, being “old” which is just another of the multitude of reasons why I have stopped writing. However given the extensive inside information, deep first-hand knowledge and broad experience that I have obtained over the years through my investigative journalistic work covering subject matters in keeping with the topics covered in this article and others such as 911, the inside workings of intelligence agencies and their operations worldwide, plus my association with the WikiLeaks Organization, my investigations into its “competitor” the Intercept, my other professional and personal investigative work and my work in global mass media (I worked for the Russian Government and was an editor, newsreader, political

staff writer and spokesperson for the now defunct Voice of Russia World Service in English), I feel it is my responsibility as a journalist and someone who is perhaps more knowledgeable and “experienced” than others commenting on the issues contained herein, to report to you my dear reader and inform you on what I feel are important issues related to, in this case, the recent “leaks” and flurry of activity by intelligence agencies, some of which the western media is promoting and have many people jumping all over them in full distraction mode as if they are “real”, because like almost everything the West is trying to make people believe right now, they are fake, part of a larger operation and designed to distract from real horrendous events that the people should be up in arms about.

The primary focus of this piece is another kid (and I say kid because it is again some youngster like Snowden-Greenberg who has somehow obtained Top Secret NSA info and is supposedly spreading it around), this one being called “Reality Winner”, who attempted to leak information to the public but was “Intercepted”.  I will pick apart what “her” leak really means and why you should remain vigilant and think critically and always read between the lines and behind the motivations involved in these seemingly endless “top secret” tales of intrigue.

For me as a writer and analyst these stories are always interesting as they are filled with hidden actors, secret motivations, duplicity, concealed agendas and surrounded by damage control operations which are sometimes more informative and are always particularly fun for me to take apart.

For the critical thinker of course questioning the author of such work is also important so right off I will tell you my motivations which are are transparent: I hope to expose the truth, unmask the lies, inform you and perhaps wake you up to some truths and then, as a result, decide this was an interesting thought provoking article and donate to the site of course, it is my only income as my work is too dangerous even for RT. I have highlighted what I feel are the most important points in this piece for those with little time, in an experiment and would appreciate any feedback on that. So without further ado let’s get started.


Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing to report from the fabricated, self-serving and almost facetious purported NSA document that we were presented by the Intercept REALITY LEIGH WINNER INCONCLUSIVE NSA REPORT ON RUSSIAN HACKING  except that it had to be a cherry picked, carefully vetted and authored fake used to back up the horrendously egregious and criminally negligent lies and ridiculous fabricated claims regarding Russian interference in the totally illegal computerized and fraudulent US election process. In short the Intercept intercepted Winner’s leak and replaced it with some NSA Russia BS.

Regarding the real document (S!) that “Reality Winner” thought she was releasing all we know is that she wanted to set something straight due to false media reports and there was more than one document. Citing the prosecutor Solari various media reports say that Winner told her mother during her arrest that she was “mad about some things she had seen in the media, and she wanted to set the facts right” and was also quoted as saying “Mom, those documents, I screwed up.” Not “that” document but “those” documents and surely she knew the difference between “pages” and “documents”.

What we are given as “Winner’s leak” in fact has no substance. You can read it here REALITY LEIGH WINNER INCONCLUSIVE NSA REPORT ON RUSSIAN HACKING on jar2. However it is full of conjecture and strives through endless repetition to make a case that Russia somehow affected US elections.

If we reverse engineer the disinformation operation then the apparently disjointed and deceptive, fabricated nature of this “leak” does tell us that the US Intelligence/Media complex are still covering for the Clintonites who are Deep State/CIA/Shadow Government assets and they are dead set on demonizing Russia for fictitious cyber-attacks since they have nothing else to demonize Russia with. This preposterous cyber-attack narrative however faltering it may be without evidence even once being presented is particularly alarming given the real intelligence we have that the US/NATO war machine wants to make a cyber-attack the equivalent of a direct military attack. Given the fluidity and ease with which fabricated evidence can be produced in cyber space only madmen would go down this path but that is who is running the show in the shadows.

The carefully picked information chosen to be presented as Winner’s leak also shows us that the Clinton shadow establishment is truly damaged and desperate and it is not just a matter that they cannot accept that they are hated despised and no one believes them anymore and that they lost because the public finally understood just how corrupt they are and do not intend to normalize or ignore evidence of pedophilia, child sacrifice, murder, Moloch worship or all of the other horrendous things the Podestas and Clintons are guilty of, but a matter that their death grip on power is slipping and the true MOSSAD control of the US Government is about to be exposed.

These demons who carried out 911 and slaughter people without batting an eye have everything to lose and in this case if the Intercpet goes down operations such as Snowdy and all of their “secret” Russian operations that are connected to him. Snowden has himself proven by his own actions that he is a Fugazi and a Sheep Dipped operative. First and most damaging to Russia was his introducing the Russian hacking narrative as one that is real, then his endless comments against President Putin, then going against the release of the Podesta e-mails and protesting damaging information about the Clintons, his real masters and his sniping against WikiLeaks in its dying says, then add to that his active assistance to the Pedosta team during the election cycle, his vociferous support for Deep State Clinton asset Comey, his open contacts with the Obama Administration and now his attempt to give credibility to the Intercept which outed a source by ignoring the egregious treachery of the Intercept while at the same time trying to use the leaker to prop up his own phony narrative. I scratch my head as to why Russia is still allowing him to stay here, although I do know the answer to that question and it will have to be deal with soon because it is becoming more of a real danger to the Russian state.

Did Winner try to continue with the demonization of Russia meme? With that material I doubt it. She had issues with Trump so we might then infer that she had documents related to Trump and possibly to Afghanistan, Iran or the Middle East.

The leak itself, sanitized and vetted of course revealed no collection methods, intelligence sources, secret programs or anything else of importance just more empty allegations that only serve to maintain a narrative. Again a “leak” that did no damage, sound familiar? Remind you of Snowden’s leaks which did not tell us anything new but maintained the narrative that the CIA is into everything and the NSA can spy on everyone everywhere in the world? It should because it is the same tired playbook.

The motivations of Winner appear to be setting something right but we will never know what she actually wanted to leak because of the Intercept but the motivations of the CIA or NSA releasing this information are perfectly clear, continuing the same fake evil Russia narrative to justify their own over budgeted, incompetent and useless existences.


The New Role for Intelligence: Tool for Endless War Based on Endless Lies from an Empire Gone Mad – Their Number One Enemy: Truth

War is hell and those who wage it are demons. The world has collapsed into a state of perpetual war and that is exactly what the Rothschild cabal and the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIIC) in the West want. Instead of the end of all conflicts that could have been had when the Cold War finished they staged 911 and started their “secret” drive for global hegemony and endless war. They profit off war, conflict, strife and instability. These parasites are the real enemies of mankind and the world’s intelligence agencies have become tools to promote war and most importantly to establish an illegal state called Israel on the territory of Palestine by genociding the Palestinian (Semite) and further, when greater Israel begins all the Arabs peoples.

To wage endless war you need endless enemies and endless fear and endless reasons to conduct those wars and that is what the mission of Western intelligence agencies has become. The CIA, NSA, FVEY, MOSSAD, Saud’s GID and the UK’s MI-5/6 are the main proponents in creating these lies and endless terror. They no longer have anything to do with security or defense. Their mission is promoting war and terror for the bloodthirsty war-profiteering elites and for Project Israel. They sponsor, organize, train, arm, finance and even provide military support for terrorist groupings, with the chief architect being MOSSAD and the chief reasons being the expansion of Anglo Saxon Empire and Project IsraHell.

Defense, security and intelligence bodies have become not only political tools but money making instruments for the callous inhumane global elite who serve themselves only, chief among them the Zionist Rothschilds and their cabal. Intelligence is all about military agencies and used to be about protecting or promoting a state but the West has made humanity and you the enemy and in their web of lies and deception the greatest weapon against them is truth. Hence the real whistleblower, as an agent of truth, is the most dangerous opponent of what I call “the Complex”.

The war on whistleblowers is not new, for me it started in 1992 before the Internet but the results were the same as what you see now. The only difference between then and now is that whistle blowers have more of a chance of being heard and known about now than back in the 90s when I tried to blow the whistle on million dollar fraud be carried out by CPS in California.

An endeavor which ended badly (predictably using 20/20 hindsight) for me as on the day I was supposed to give testimony in front of a Grand Jury that I had called, I was prevented from doing so and forced to leave the US. I should add I was not an employee, but a victim of CPS, which made calling myself a whistle blower impossible at the time so I was completely without defense or support. As an American patriot at the time I naively believed the system worked and truth and justice would win. Wrong!

With everything that has transpired and happened since then, the only conclusion that can be reached is that the US is run by a criminal syndicate of psychopathic Luciferian war criminals, maintaining a system of white supremacy on the basis of genocide, still owing penance to the Crown and whose members use secret organization, a Shadow Government and Deep State and their positions in government to enrich themselves and their cronies, pursue their own secret agendas and get away with crimes that are growing more horrendous by the day.


The Manufactured Fake Mockingbird News and Limited Hangout Psychological Operations: Not Entirely a Bad Thing

We exist and are living through an age of lies and deception. You see it and feel it every day. You know in your bones that something is not right every time you turn on the TV, or visit a news site or turn on the radio, and yes, your perceptions are right! You are being intentionally lied to and deceived, using military grade psychological operations and tactics, with lies wrapped in lies wrapped in half-truths obfuscated by false facts, reactionary opinions, subliminal cues and hidden enigmas wrapped in riddles. This is not accidental or the exception but a carefully orchestrated and controlled operation with the goals being many but chiefly complete and total obedience, brainwashing and control of you, the masses.

This thesis is most true when the news concerns the intelligence sector and security and intelligence related issues (which seems to be encompassing absolutely everything as time goes by), therefore when dealing with matters concerning intelligence it is no longer enough to simply know, study and understand how intelligence agencies work, it is no longer a matter of state versus state or agent versus agent or whistleblower versus agency, now that they are everywhere and manipulating everything and targeting you, it is a matter of determining reality from fantasy and identifying the artificial narrative they want you to believe from what is really happening.

Like I just said today’s intelligence apparatuses are into absolutely everything and the enemy is no longer a hostile state or competing agency. The enemy, more and more every day, is you. The enemy has become your opinion, your mind and at the end of the day the entire human race which they are striving to control or worse! The entire global intelligencer apparatus has grown out of control and has become self-serving and self-propagating and has no mercy and is restrained by no oversight, no morality, no law and has no regard for national boundaries or human rights or justice or fairness or humanity. This is what has happened and they want to expand with RFID chipping and physical interfaces into your brains. Yes it is extremely bleak.

The endless stripping of your rights in the West and the US in particular now includes legalized fake news produced by the Broadcast Board of Governors for distribution inside the United States and outlets such as CNN, for and by the CIA to make you pliant and keep you dumbed down confused and afraid so you keep working and paying taxes to fund their insanity further and further. Unless you understand and think critically about what they are doing things may seem insane but with a little digging and a few facts things start to become clear and their attempts at fabricating reality at times almost comical, ridiculous and sadly moronic.

In the new alternative MOCKINGBIRD reality that you are forced to live in the facts are not important. What is important is that you believe their lies. For me however, one of the last of the dying breed of independent investigative journalists, the facts are all that matters. So let’s look at the facts behind the latest “leaks” which of course are not leaks at all but the latest juvenile Psyop offerings by the CIA media complex and their assets, and I say juvenile because that is exactly what they are, transparent fakes and childish creations designed by horrendous creatures with no imagination, respect for humanity or intelligence.

Yes journalism is dead the 4th Estate no longer exists, but this is not entirely a bad thing when you know how to properly approach the news and information you are given. For an analyst and for the critical thinker, be they US based or from another country, it is no longer necessary to guess what the shadow government is doing or what the so-called deep state is planning. By controlling the media, and this is true in any country, the government projects its plans, intentions, weaknesses and condition and rather than having to rely on reporters and investigators and leakers, all we have to do is properly interpret the news with a result that is much more effective, less time consuming and much more reliable. So while the idiots at CIA and NSA are laughing that they control everything so is the rest of the world because by doing so they have unvovered their hand for the world to see.

For the foreign intelligence service it is wonderful for the CIA to control the media, they know exactly what the CIA is up to, but for the people this is horrendous and takes away their right to be properly informed, to make knowledgeable decisions, to be free from coercion and at the end of the day to possess free will. The American people have become sheep and have been completely co-opted. Were that not the case, knowing that a publication like the Intercept which pretends to be a voice for truth and safe place for whistle-blowers turns over a source, the people would be screaming in the streets and demanding the organization be shut down.

This is why “they” control the media. So no one knows, as with 911. It has been solved, it was MOSSAD, CIA and the Saudis but does anyone say a word? Does anyone know? No they are busy with spinner thingies and imaginary Russian hackers.



 Truth from Their Lies the Real Leaks Came from the FBI: The Intercept is a Limited Hangout and an Entrapment Operation


For me the real leaks came from a rudimentary read of the warrants formulated and signed by FBI Special Agent Justin Garrick (another self-outed FBI Agent, you should protect your identities better). Thanks to the FBI’s own search REALITY LEIGH WINNER Search Warrant and arrest REALITY LEIGH WINNER Arrest Warrant warrants filed by Special Agent Garrick (available on jar2) we now have concrete proof that the Intercept is a Limited Hangout Psychological Operation and even worse an entrapment operation designed to catch whistle-blowers. Something I think Juan Thomas, the recently arrested and disappeared reporter, found out and was ready to go public about so they had him arrested, but of course that leak we will also never know about.

From the FBI warrants we can ascertain with almost complete certainty that the Intercept’s reporters at minimum report to the CIA and the NSA and at worst are in fact CIA/NSA employees. We also know whoever controls the Intercept itself (home to the GREAT TOP SECRET SNOWDEN FILES on servers near Cupertino California) reports to the US Government and vets “leaks” beforehand obediently editing out what the Gov finds unacceptable. Whether that is CIA Asset and Intercept founder Pierre Omidyar himself or one of his staff we don’t know.

So we now have proof that in reality their “leaks” are not leaks at all but the classic definition of a Limited Hangout. Unfortunately for the naïve and under-informed Ms. Winner (if she is for real) we now also have inarguable proof that the Intercept outs their own sources something I believe WikiLeaks has also been doing for years as well, albeit much more professionally and stealthily. Bradley Manning? Seth Rich? Dozens of members of Anonymous? Your truly? Just a coincidence? Yeah sure.

We now know from the FBI warrants that the NSA has a Front Company called Pluribus International Corporation and like with Snowden the NSA continues to outsource intelligence work (perhaps on purpose to cause such leaks?).

We have also learned due to news reports related to this leak the name and face of someone responsible for over a one thousand deaths in Afghanistan (a conservative figure I think and something real terrorists would be happy to know about if there are any), we have also learned from this whole story about the secret printer codes which could have continued to be used by law enforcement but of course now the world knows.

This whole mess has also shown us how closely Facebook and Twitter are monitored, that having a cold phone is considered a crime and that CNN, Anderson Cooper, the CIA and whoever they can find to help will do anything to damage the Truth Movement, continue to demonize Russia and maintain their Limited Hangout Snowed-In Operation which should now be compromised but the media and the world are all but silent on what the Intercept has done and what it has shown itself to be.

An interesting fact for foreign intelligence officers and foreign intelligence services targeting the US is that now we know Top Secret information can be accessed from non-hardened contractor sites, it is possible to walk out of such site with 7 page printouts if they are folded (in a pocket) and USB drive detection has been installed after the fake Snowden fiasco. If we believe the story then we know Ms. Winner would have gotten away with it had she not been turned over by a CIA reporter at a CIA front.

Finally from the actual leak itself we did learn that Top Secret/ORCON includes FVEY and FISA, meaning MOSSAD as well since MOSSAD has access to FVEY. Why? Because the US Intelligence establishment is, like the US Government, a slave to Israel, in order to access FVEY ORCON just recruit a MOSSAD agent to do it for you.



 Timeline: The Timing and the Narrative Give Us Even More Evidence

November 05, 2016

Careful analysis of the timeline of any event as well as consideration of parallel mitigating factors can reveal to an investigator many things and sometimes tie in key but seemingly unrelated events that are key to understanding and determining the real existing facts. So if you are a critical thinker or an analyst timing can sometimes help make sense of even seemingly contradictory evidence surrounding an event and help to unravel the lies and more importantly de-obfuscate people’s stories. So let’s go through the main, but surely not all, points on the timeline in this case.

The first important ‘event’ which has been largely ignored: Ms. Winner Tweets out on February 7, 2017 making public statements to foreign

officials of a power the US considers hostile. If the system is operating properly alarm bells instantly go off. If they did not then something is deeply wrong or this is evidence of a staged operation and was engineered to build up Ms. Winner’s legend.

In this regard we must note: when you are in intelligence everything you do is watched, and this is for life. Once you are in you are never out, and Ms. Winner was definitely in. She was enlisted in the US Air Force from 2010-2016, worked for military intelligence and was responsible for among other things geo-locating targets and according to reports had over 600 kills to her credit and over 650 more captures of men who were tortured, disappeared and/or later executed. She was a complete and total indoctrinated US Military Intelligence Officer and if we believe this whole leak story her mistake was that she became political (I get into her motivations in that regard below). She held a Top Secret Clearance from January 2013 until at least February 13, 2017 at minimum and most likely later. Again this could have been the inception of the operation and the first step in creating her legend.

They event referred above is as follows: Ms. Winner, using her Twitter account as Sara Winners with her real photograph Tweeted a message to the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran stating “There are many Americans protesting US govt aggression towards Iran. If our Tangerine in Chief declares war, we stand with you!”

Anyone who is Intelligence knows that making such statements to foreign officials and representatives of

hostile foreign governments is nothing less than treason. Having suffered what I have suffered for much less and never even being a part of the US Government believing that NSA Intelligence operatives can simply make such statements and get away with it unnoticed is ridiculous, but this is something no one has yet paid much attention to.

If security is working properly which you would assume it is at a billion dollar agency like the NSA, a threat assessment is made and it is decided that she will be placed under complete eyes on surveillance which she immediately is. She is then closely monitored and material is gathered for her arrest.

February 13, 2017 Winner gets a job with Pluribus International Corporation which according to the FBI Warrants is an NSA front company and a contractor with access to TOP SECRET FVEY and ORCON intelligence. We also know from the official affidavits Winner was not attached to any Russian counter intelligence of other operations and was involved in Arabic and Farsi related intel analysis.

February 09, 2017

At an unspecified date and probably to an FBI or Secret Service informer or counter intelligence operative (due to the absence of such statements being in the public domain and unavailable if they exist at all) she makes the statement “I want: to burn the White House down … find somewhere in Kurdistan to live. Haha.”

Coming from an NSA operative and USAF veteran this sort of statement would have to be taken very seriously if it actually happened. Judging from her on-line activity she was arrested sometime after Tweeting out to Kayne West at 06:48 on the 26th of February regarding “being white is terrorism”. After this she disappeared for a while and then the tone of her posts changed.

March 12, 2017

March 30th and 31st there is contact between the Intercept (the News Outlet) and Winner using e-mail account da3re.fitness @ gmail.com. According to reports she wanted to download a podcast.

April 2, 2017 Ms. Winner posts on Facebook about “people invading Augusta for Master’s week” In reference to Trump supporters we assume.

From May 27th -29th Winner was in Belize Central America apparently related to the death of her natural father and his lifelong dream to take her there.

After that there was little activity on-line by Ms. Winner, in fact none that I found. I refuse to have anything to do with Facebook so accessing her Facebook posts is not something I wished to do and her account has now been deleted in keeping with Facebook’s contracts with the NSA and the US Intelligence Community.

Back to the timeline, the five page NSA document which Ms. Winner is charged with taking was printed on May 9, 2017 at 6:20. The document leaked by the Intercept was from a printer with model number 54, serial number 29535218. The document was dated May 5th, so Ms. Winner actually came into possession after the loss of her Top Secret clearance which according to the FBI warrant she lost when she got her job at Pluribus International Corporation. However the FBI search warrant also says she had the clearance the whole time as does the arrest warrant so that fact is being probably being obfuscated. We also know the document was folded and carried out of the facility.

According to the FBI arrest warrant Winner admitted everything over the phone to FBI Special Agent Garrick on June 3rd. Strangely they waited two more days to make the arrest.


Winner was arrested on June 5nd after the US Government was contacted and shown the report the Intercept was planning to publish and which the Intercept edited according to US Gov wishes.

What the Intercept does and did in this case is NOT journalism!




  THE BIG BOMBSHELL: The Intercept is an Entrapment Operation

Now this is where the big revelation comes in and I am finally vindicated and all my claims that the Intercept is an intel project are proven. According to the official FBI Arrest Warrant on May 24, 2017 a reporter “CIA Asset” for the CIA Front “news outlet the Intercept” contacts a “Contractor” either at CIA, given the Intercept’s deep CIA connections, or at NSA given the NSA origin of the document.

According to the FBI document this “reporter” (The authors of the story are listed as Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle, Ryan Grim) contacted another US Government Agency other than the FBI with whom “he has a prior relationship” and spoke to someone identified as “the Contractor”, and informed this person that he had documents which he asked him to review.

The reporter then completely and in a totally premeditated and thought out fashion outed Winner by telling the contractor unnecessary details about the document that he would not have mentioned if he was trying to protect his source and had he wanted to simply verify the authenticity of the document.

One: “Reporter” stated the document came in the mail and gave details. Two: “Reporter” stated it was postmarked from “Augusta Georgia”. Three: “Reporter” named the location where Winner worked as the source location, all of these facts were not necessary to determine if the document was real but only to determine who leaked it and identify the source. We do not know what else was said and I am sure more was done but this is just what ended up in the FBI warrants.

This “Contractor” thought the document was fake but still contacted the NSA since the reporter had already showed him the document without hiding where it was from and

without even hiding the identification number of the document. Meaning the “Reporter” took no measure whatsoever to protect the source. Horrendously poor tradecraft if you want to apologize for the Intercept! Or a clear and thought out effort to identify the source (Ms. Winner). More likely the latter!

Consider that again for a minute, the Contractor thought the document was fake but still contacted the NSA. Either this is a lie and they did receive real document (S) and/or they simply wanted to out the source. This is preposterous, scandalous and the Intercept should be closed down and everyone associated with it should have whatever journalistic credentials they hold revoked and be censured.

The Outers of Sources: Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle, Ryan Grim

On June 1st the “Contractor” contacted the US Government Agency (NSA we believe) who then contacted the FBI. Contractor stated the document “Intelligence Report Number” and disclosed the details of his contact with the reporter.

According to the FBI’s Arrest Warrant they were contacted by the US Government Agency (NSA) on June 1st and told about the contact with the Intercept on May 30th, 2017 regarding an upcoming story. According to the FBI Arrest Warrant the News Outlet itself, not the Reporter, also provided the NSA with a copy of the document which they used to identify Winner.

So here we finally have irrefutable operational and concrete proof that the Intercept is an entrapment operation and in no way can be trusted by anyone who wants to expose any kind of illegality or blow the whistle on crimes or misconduct by the US Government.

Even in this case with the reporter being told the document was fake they made every effort and continued to try to identify and inform the originating agency of the document about the source. The FBI documents (warrants) also show concerted and organized efforts by the Intercept itself, meaning management, to inform of and identify the source.

Nowhere is there any evidence that the Intercept or its staff were concerned about the safety of the source the contents of the leak or the reasoning behind it. Their goal immediately upon receiving the material was informing the government and identifying the leaker. There was apparently no pause, no time frame that would show that meetings were held or choices were being discussed or thought over before it was decided to expose the leaker. Evidence points to pre-existing infrastructure and protocols to identify and arrest. This is in no way a journalistic operation, a news outlet or any kind of body practicing journalism.

By its own actions it does not even pretend to be. It is what I have claimed from the beginning an Entrapment Operation and one called a Limited Hangout in intelligence terms.

By listing four authors to this piece the Intercept does protect the “reporter” who outed Winner listing Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle and Ryan Grim, if those are in fact their real names which they are probably not. Again you are dealing with lies upon lies upon lies from an organization that obfuscates, hides and pretends to be something it is not.

The Intercept presents itself as being against the government and pretends to be publishing leaks exposing the government, using Edward Snowden and his fake trove of “revelations” to gain the confidence of real leakers and establish its “credentials” with the help of the CIA controlled mass media. It publishes Limited Hangout type information, meaning some cherry picked fakes or almost real Intel or disinformation which appears real so the public thinks it is actually doing some sort of investigative reporting work. I will get into the Intercept a little more further down in this article.

Another clue as to the Intercept’s fakeness is the fact that it is continuously cited and referred to by the mass media. I can tell you from my experience after working for almost a decade in the mass media that the US mass media only cites sources that are part of the MSM complex and in line with the Government or MSM narrative.

Unfortunately for Ms. Winner, if she is not part of a larger operation which she may be, something I doubt given the FBI outing the Intercept, she fell for the lies surrounding the Intercept. Which given her youth and indoctrinated state of mind is possible. There is also the possibility she outed the Intercept and the CIA for the NSA and the possibility this is all a simple continuation of the demonization of Russia narrative that the entire military industrial complex is attempting to get away with in order to justify it own existence, aggression and illegal actions against the Russian Federation.



 Is the Intrepid Leaker with the Improbable Name Real?

First off I want to repeat we should not know about Sarah Leigh Winner or whatever her name is! REALITY LEIGH WINNER is her corporate name for FBI arrest purposes so since we have only the FBI warrants that seem credible we will go by those. Let Winner her name be as FBI Counter Intelligence states since we have no other label, which in reality is not important here. What is important now is not even her leak, since we were not allowed to know what she wanted to tell us, but the fact that she was outed!

My preliminary read of this leak (and perhaps I am slightly jaded by my age and accumulated knowledge) was largely affected by her remarkably young age. Like Snowden she is just the latest baby super spy to out the evil NSA for the CIA in their little ongoing budgetary war? At least she was not accredited with stealing millions of documents as was the utterly fantastic Snowden tale. It is important to remember that approximately 85% of US intelligence budgetary allowances are now being sucked up by the NSA and the CIA is desperately trying to stay relevant in the computer age. This may have been the entire initial thinking behind the Snowden operation and now this.

This is evidenced­­ by their repeated attempts using WikiLeaks which they control, to portray CIA Operations of their Cyber Command as a formidable agency in the cyber age and effective! Which they do through their releases on the CIA controlled WikiLeaks and their infamous Vault 7 which exposes how magnificently they are able to do whatever they want even remotely hijacking cars and hacking into any computer network better than the NSA, even though computer experts have reported that the Vault 7 leaks were old programs and useless overall because the majority of them had to by physically installed on the target systems.

I must repeat my preliminary read because historically my first impressions are usually right and the preliminary conclusion here was that Winner (not her real name but a blatantly obvious attempt to make you believe) was the latest dupe for the CIA. As a patriot she was somehow convinced she was doing some good for her country by helping the CIA damage the NSA and playing the role of a captured whistle blower. Again the internal behind the scenes spy war going on evidences this as one logical explanation plus the CIA control of the Intercept and Edward Snowden add to that narrative, but of course we will look deeper.

Winner, whom we are supposed to believe is such a brilliant super spy as to hold a Top Secret ORCON clearance, fails to live up to the media narrative when we consider that she did not know that the Intercept is a CIA Front, that printers leave fingerprints, that US mail is not the best way to send a leak and all of the dozens of other tradecraft errors she made. So either she naively completely trusted the “Reporter” and/or she set about to commit an act that could see her going to prison for life but did not bother to practice simple elementary tradecraft or take precautions or do a little research or she is part of an operation to damage the NSA or the Intercept itself.

The story seemed so unbelievable as to be glib if you know anything about intelligence but let’s just suppose for a minute it is all real which we will never know because we will never know what she really tried to leak and just how sensitive it was because it was intercepted by CIA Asset Pierre Omidyar’s Intercept and she was promptly given over to the FBI. Oh and speaking of tradecraft errors giving your information to only one source is another mistake when leaking, allowing for that one source to obfuscate, misrepresent or simple not report information you give.

Now let’s suppose this naïve looking little girl was really in possession of some sort of secret information and wanted it leaked to the world and suppose it did involve some sort of alleged Russian penetration into the US election processes as the CIA controlled press claim but as the document does not show. Why leak a classified report regarding allegations, not even actual proof or details, of attempts (again not successes), to hack election officials and a voting-machine firm? If you believe anything Rothschild owned Reuters tells you, the CIA controlled press such as CNN and the limited hangout CIA Front the Intercept. Why indeed.

Mere attempts to hack a voting firm are a far cry from hacking and influencing an election. What did she hope to attain? Did she think somehow she could cancel the elections of past and somehow help install Hillary in power? Not likely. Did she really think she would be helping to damage Trump using the narrative that is being used. Not with this document. Is this for real? Do we even care? Or did she risk prison to help the CIA and CNN to support the Russian narrative they have been trying to get people to buy with no evidence? Now we are getting closer I think but again there are layers upon layers to consider and here timing is important and in this case the timing may be the real key. It at least is relevant to how the media has tried to manipulate and use this poor child.

Real or Op – Scenario One Real: Psychological Profile and Possible Reasons

Let us suppose that the leak was real and that Winner acted alone without influence and of her own free will, which she in fact does not have living in the false environment she does but does not even know it. If we believe this then Winner is in reality a tragic figure for multiple reasons.

In order to ascertain who she is we have actually very little to go on but regardless we have to make due with what we have. After studying all of her social media posts and her history (other than Fakebook) and all of the material I could find I have come to the conclusion that Winner, no matter how you cut it, is simply a victim of the fake system that created her.

Her persona appears to be an individual who has been indoctrinated and brainwashed to the point where she believes everything that has been presented to her as reality. This is evidenced by her lack of any sort of protest or even mention of her job of killing Afghans. Nowhere did this seem to affect her at all even though she is credited with over 1,200 kills and captures. Therefore she believes in the entire false narrative for the US invasion of Afghanistan.

She never mentioned 911, or US policy or again even the very war in Afghanistan to where apparently she wanted to return. Why? The media and the US Government want you to believe she wanted to join the Taliban, which seems absurd and a transparent attempt to demonize her but might be possible. Given the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS are all CIA/MOSSAD Ops she may just have wanted to advance her career. Or are we to believe she does not know about the CIA-Qaeda drug trafficking operations or the CIA Opium Black Ops? Well given her compartmentalized life let’s suppose not. She was brainwashed and indoctrinated and did not question.

According to her posts and the information being advanced she was against Donald Trump, which any sane thinking human should be as he is merely an opportunistic puppet for the shadow government causing divisions in the Deep State and serving only the elites, and to her credit was supportive of the NODAPL activists and their fight for water security.

She took issue with several of Trump’s lies including that no one was complaining about the DAPL, which the corporate clones jumped on to demonize her for the corporation, and she also showed support for Iran as I mentioned earlier. She clearly saw Trump’s lies and was outraged about his DAPL narrative but why didn’t she see others? These facts leave us with more questions than answers as to her choice of leaked material and lead me to believe she actually took other document (S).

Things are pretty strange. Another question which we will never know is: was she actually taken in for her social media posts and her trip to Belize? Or perhaps her open support of Iran? Is the “leak” another PSYOP and the reason Copper may have thanked Reality for her service? Was Winner MK programmed, coerced or forced into doing what she did? Or did she run her own PSYOP and purposefully allow herself to get caught and is now being used by the Deep State and the US Shadow Government to distract from other issues and further their own agenda.

It is difficult if not impossible to believe an Intelligence Officer was so naïve and ignorant in her tradecraft as to not take simple measures to protect herself. Having a hero like Anderson Cooper also points to her complete and total belief in the fake system and that is where the tragedy in her lies.

If we suppose she did leak as is stated then we are left scratching our heads as to the choice of material. Was she in a rush and did she think she had something to incriminate Trump? Again did she in fact have something other than what we are told? Both possible. Or did she leak something requested by the CIA MOCKINGBIRD CNN Anderson Cooper media in hopes of monetary or other gain? Also possible.

If we are to judge her by the information we have then in reality her leak was a political stunt and in fact has no real whistle-blower status. She was not exposing high crimes or illegality, but merely trying to affect some sort of revenge or political action against the acting president whom most thinking people despise although her choice of material negates even this..

Was her motivation actually one that we should all support and were her tradecraft errors carefully thought out in advance? I am speaking of outing the Intercept and operation Snowed-In as the fakes that they are and for which we should all be grateful and showing how the US Intelligence Community is desperately trying to falsely frame Russia and in fact has no proof to back up their claims. I am talking about irrevocably outing Anderson Cooper and CNN as CIA shills and Trump as the outrageous liar he is. Whether these, which in the end are the real results of her leak, were intentional only she knows.

On the other side of the coin we might suppose she wanted to help CNN and the media (believing they were real) by providing them with proof that Russia hacked the previous election (which she may have believed) and thus what? Help out Trump whom the fake media pretend to detest and does she? If we believe her naivety then she might have thought she was providing the smoking gun against Trump and helping the media in their failing narrative and would be an American hero, but again, wrong material.

Proving the fake narrative of Russian interference that the media and the “left” have been putting out to cover up their own miserable failures and hide their criminality is probably the best thing she could have hoped to accomplish. Her viewing herself as part of a fake Soros orchestrated resistance means she is simply a victim of MK CIA organized psychological operations and Globalist manipulations on the US populace.

So let’s not deride the girl too much because we will probably never know her real motivations and because she is being presented as either incredibly stupid, a disgruntled Clintonite and or simply being used to further the agenda of the CIA in yet another PSYOP.

Winner has done one good thing for all of us which I am personally grateful for and for which I am proud of her, she has proven what I have been saying for years now, namely that the Intercept is a CIA Front, an entrapment operation and a Psyop. She has also lent more credence to my suspicions regarding the arrest of Juan Thompson and my conclusions about the entire CIA Psyop involving the Edward Snowden figure.

The real information we have gained from “her” leak and the FBI documents in conclusion outs the Intercept as a fake and shows the insane drive to blame and demonize Russia at any cost and by the reactions tells us a lot about certain other figures that I will get into shortly below.

Remember there is the possibility there was no leak to begin with and she just went off the grid for two days in Belize and she was simply set up. Either way she violated her Disclosure and Secrecy Protocols and when you are in Intelligence, at the end of the day that is all that matters.


Extenuating circumstances should be taken into account and since she did no actual damage whatsoever and has helped the public and the world out a horrendous international entrapment operation I think she should get 6 months and 1000 hours community service helping veterans. She also needs psychological help to be deprogrammed, education to understand the true nature of the system that she supported and helped kill for and if she wants to leave the United States to live in another country she should be allowed to do so. That is her human right. We as humans are not, in reality the property of a system although they have made it thus and governments which have taken on the roles of masters but are supposed to in reality serve the people and guaranteee their safety and well being have no right to punish or do harm to the people, this includes every thing human being on the planet.   



  Real or Op – Scenario Two Yet Another Op: Protecting Minds from Psyops

Many of my Conspiracy Realist and Theorist readers are already saying the whole thing is an OP, from her unbelievable name, her age and seemingly impossible accomplishments to the manipulation of the event by the media, on the surface it seems entirely possible that the whole thing has been thought up from start to finish and that must be looked at as well, but then why? To out the Intercept?

My conclusion would indicate Agent Reality screwed up in one way or the other and regardless of the inception of the event has been used as an Op to further various agendas. When dissecting a Limited Hangout, a Psychological Operation or a False Flag several factors have to be considered and several questions have to be asked including but not limited solely to the following:

1.    Is there a failing narrative the government seeks to prop up?

2.    Are there other events which the government/media complex wants to distract attention from?

3.    Is there a motivation by one government body to damage or discredit another agency or body?

4.    Is there a need to cause the public to believe events that will benefit an agency or body?

5.    Is there a political agenda that there are attempts to advance or will be advanced?

6.    Is there an attempt to demonize or discredit a particular group?

7.    Is there an element of revenge or persecution on the leaker(s) or victims?

8.    Are there pending pieces of legislation or government activities that need public support?

Regardless the timing and the sequence of events when dealing with a government controlled Fourth Estate or media complex as there exists everywhere in the world today, the media’s role is to protect, cover up and serve as a PR tool for the government. This is a sad but true fact of the world we live in and why fake outlets such as the Intercept are that much more evil and need to be eradicated as they pretend to provide the function of the Fourth Estate but in fact do the absolute opposite.

If the entire Reality Winner leak is an operation, and I am taking the time to do all this work because I believe an innocent kid is about to go to prison when she is in fact a victim no matter how you cut it, then the public arrest of Ms. Winner is a carefully orchestrated operation to gain maximum benefit for the government and there is evidence her persecution is not for releasing something to the Intercept but because she became anti-establishment and political. The “leak” may have been programmed to occur or simply thought up later.

Judging from the timeline and what we know of intelligence agencies her big mistake may have simply been her trip to Belize. If she was arrested for an unauthorized trip to another country or falling off the grid or suspected or accused of using the trip to pass information to a foreign power we will never know but if she was arrested previously, she had connections as an intelligence officer and veteran and would have had contacts in the NSA and judging from her autographed photo from CIA MOCKINGBIRD operative Anderson Copper thanking her for her “service”, with the CIA. So Ms. Winner, probably not her real name, then may have made a deal to help the CIA for a lessening of her charges and a softening of her sentence by agreeing to participate in a Psyop to maintain the anti-Russia narrative. Again the “volunteer” version.

With regard to the questions posed earlier:

1. Is there a failing narrative the government seeks to prop up?

The Russian interference in the previous eelction narrative which has included multiple attempts all ending in failure due to lack of evidence would classify as a failing narrative. Rather than focus on a broken electoral system and electronic infrastructure which allows and enables fake elections to be carried out, they focus on their favorite bogey man, Russia. Russia has become the insane distractor of lunatics in the United States. From pedophilia, to rampant corruption, to economic woes, Russia is always the straw man who get burned. How there will ever be normal relations again after all of the insane demonization is going to take a monumental effort from Russia to forgive everything the US has done.

2. Are there other events which the Government-Media Complex want to distract attention from?

The western media and government work as one to cover up and distract the public from real events that for one reason or the other the manipulators of information want covered up. Scandals with actors and famous figures, false flags and other events are often used for this purpose. Here the answers are much more numerous and include:

  1. To distract from the fact that the United States of America is on the ground and in another undeclared completely illegal war supporting terrorists in Syria. These terrorists are killing Christians and destroying a democratic secular system for Israel.
  2. To give Trump a leaker so he can show the audience how leakers will be dealt with.
  3. Testimony regarding Clinton e-mails that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Charles McCullough gave to Congress in which he characterized e-mails stored on Hillary Clinton’s personal servers as OrCon “originator control” and SAP “Special Access Programs” (Above Top Secret) even the Inspector General for ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence didn’t have the requisite security clearances to view these files. No one noticed with the Winner scandal.
  4. Related testimony by fired FBI Director Comey. Same thing.
  5. A raid on Huma Abedin’s home. Also brush under the carpet.
  6. The Blackwater Founder Calling for an “American Viceroy” To Rule Afghanistan. Not interesting.
  7. Weird Satanic-Illuminati type ceremonies in Saudi Arabia involving Trump. Also better forgotten.
  8. “Hackers” leak emails from UAE Ambassador to US showing Saudi’s connection to MOSSAD and their cooperation, another Operation pretending to be a leak but it wasn’t. There were no independent hacker drops anywhere on the net of these files, it was a CIA/MOSSAD op to show the world that the US, Saudi and Israel (the 911 trio) are still working as one.
  9. The London false flags and the rigged British Election.
  10. The noise that was growing regarding the murder or disappearance of Seth Rich. Theories now exposing him as a MOSSAD asset with Israeli military training and more.
  11. The 380 billion dollar weapons deal that Trump closed with the Saudis. Which then became $100 million and then became a fake that never happened.
  12. Is there a motivation by one government body to damage or discredit another agency or body?

Here the CIA damaging the NSA is clearly possible as the entire Snowed-In Operation showed and the CIA takeover of WikiLeaks has proven. The CIA is desperate to show it is effective in the Cyber sphere, as evidenced by Vault 7, the CIA backed Bourne films and media operations.

This may also be their way of ending funding and support for the Intercept as it has produced nothing of value, does nothing but protect evidence against Omidyar and is just a pork project for those involved. The Snowed-In Operation has also not allowed Greenberg to interfere in Russia nor plant himself anywhere as a mole and with WikiLeaks finished, the Voice of Russia gone and Anonymous decimated there is no need for Snowed-In or the Intercept which is not trusted by real leakers or truthers anyway, thanks in part to my work in exposing CIA asset Pierre Omidyar.

  1. Is there a need to cause the public to believe events that will benefit an agency or body?

This “leak” could have been designed to support Trump in his war on leakers, any number of members of the MIIC and media who are profiting off anti-Russia hysteria and or using such as a cover for other real crimes and outrages and much more. Take your pick.

  1. Is there a political agenda that there are attempts to advance or will be advanced?

The entire need for more strict security argument and anything related to Russia as a threat.

  1. Is there an attempt to demonize or discredit a particular group?
Here the NODAPL First Nations activists were immediately demonized, anyone against Trump in what is called the “Resistance” and of course whistle-blowers and leakers and anyone not parroting the establishment position.

7. Is there an element of revenge or persecution on the leaker(s) or victims?

As I mentioned the Belize trip and social media comments by Winner.

8. Are there pending pieces of legislation or government activities that need public support?

Here anything regarding whistleblower protection, the NSA and CIA’s budgets, media operations, continued funding and support for the Intercept and Omidyar and of course the entire NATO and US Military Doctrine characterizing Russia as threat number one. Also multiple CIA MOCKINGBIRD operations, giving credibility to CIA mouthpiece Anderson Cooper and CNN and possible WikiLeaks related effects.

Everyone today has an agenda. Almost every news item has an ulterior motive. So you might ask yourself how do I make sense of it all and simply find the facts and the truth that I am looking for? Well those eight areas to question are a start.





NO MENTION OF OUTING WINNER   Mark Zukerberg and Edward Snowden are Greenbergs THEY ARE COUSINS Download family album

If you are new to all this Facebook is owned by Edward Greenberg’s cousin Mark Greenberg, whom you know as Edward Snowden and Mark Zuckerberg and it is the world’s largest Facial Coordinate Database for the US Intelligence Community. Facebook has a special CIA/NSA interface existing on the second level down which is why the damn site takes so long to load all the time and which is why I deleted my account and suggest you do the same.

Zuckerberg whose name is actually Greenberg is part of the Rockefeller bloodline or “House of Rockefeller” and developed Facebook from the beginning as a tool for the US Intelligence Community, his cousin is Edward (Greenberg) Snowden whom I exposed recently with the publication of the Greenberg family albums. There have been theories about their connections going around for years but the album proves it.

For the first time Greenberg-Snowdy spouts off and actually writes a few paragraphs and makes it perfectly clear why he is not allowed to write and why the US Government asked Russia not to give him a platform.

Pointing to the desperation that must be rolling though the offices of CIA asset Pierre Omidyar’s Intercept, active CIA-USGov operative and Clintonite poster boy for fake whistle-blowers and entrapment operations, Snowden took time off from helping the Pedostas and identifying hackers or whatever he actually does and spreading damaging information about Russia and his stripper girlie friend to defend and cover for his cover.

Snowdy the little spy boy who we are to believe simply walked off with all of the NSA’s secret on some laptops and thumb drives must be all upset cause now someone even younger and more naïve has taken the spotlight and threatens his little operation. He calls government prosecutors “claims” potentially unreliable and takes issue with the fact that “Reality” is being “held in jail without contact with the public”, seriously. I guess Snowdy doesn’t know that that is what jails are for, hilarious really. He of course makes no mention of the fact that his cover operation, the Intercept outed Winner.

Next Snowdy obviously did not read the complaint and knows nothing of the law because he actually wrote:”Winner is accused of serving as a journalistic source for a leading American news outlet about a matter of critical public importance.”

First she was not accused but actually charged and arrested, there is a difference, and second there is no such crime or charge of “being a journalistic source”!

Next he shamelessly plugs the Intercept as a “leading American news outlet” which is stretching the boundaries of reality about the entrapment operation, and then he calls a report which has no conclusive proof of any Russian interference in the US elections “a matter of critical public importance.”

Someone should tell him to read the report and if he is really concerned about election tampering maybe he should focus his super genius mega hacker brain on writing secure code for voting machines? But alas it is all a show to demonize Russia and Snowden was one of the first if not the first to start accusing Russia of hacking the United States, most actively last August. Snowden continues to push claims by the US of Russian hacking and is even portrayed in the West as being part of the “young Russian opposition” by none other than Greenwald’s Guardian. Pretty crappy considering Russia is supposedly protecting him.

It gets even more ridiculous and it is now totally understandable why he has never been allowed to write anything before. Next he writes: “This often-condemned law provides no space to distinguish the extraordinary disclosure of inappropriately classified information in the public interest—whistleblowing—from the malicious disclosure of secrets to foreign governments by those motivated by a specific intent to harm to their countrymen.” Often condemned by whom? There is no other law by the way in the US.

Greenberg/Snowden: Always scripted always laughing it up while on the run from every lethal spy agency in the world with ALL their secrets.

Next it gets better: “inappropriately classified information in the public interest”… Stop: first of all Whistle-blowing is when an individual exposes illegality or crimes being committed by officials or those with some kind of power, including corporations and such bodies, someone should tell Snowden. Reality did nothing of the sort. This is not a whistle-blowing case. The same as Snowdy revealing legal and authorized programs and vetting the “revelations” through the government before attempting to serialize their release through a CIA front is not whistle-blowing. Snowdy does have the elitist Jewey Greenberg thing going however, where he thinks he is God and can determine himself what should and shouldn’t be classified.

Like I wrote above, when you are in intelligence work you follow orders and your main task is maintaining secrecy. That is not a pick and choose option for intelligence operatives but these little entitled brats obviously think it is and expect you to fall for their deceptions and lies. If you know me I am against the CIA and NSA and all the illegal things they do, their mission is to kill and slaughter and break the law, mine as a journalist is to expose that. I did not take an oath but Snowden and Winner did and they both broke that oath and are criminals, if we are to believe they leaked anything.

The NSA and CIA break the law that is why what they do is secret. In reality it seems the CIA and NSA need to revamp their vetting procedures. This is what happens when intelligence is privatized and children are given security clearances, again if we are to believe there were even leaks at all.

The level of Snowdy’s naivety cannot be real. He goes on to repeat that she is a journalistic source, spreads the Russia hysteria two more times which I will not quote and repeats that she should not be held incommunicado.

So according to Snowdy if you break your oath of secrecy and violate the law because some journalist is going to write about it you should be allowed to. Maybe if this was a huge earth shaking revelation like the media tried to create with Snowdy for his cover that might be the case but this is nothing more than empty allegations and unfounded claims of “Russian hacking” which did not exist.

He goes on to say she should be released because she is not a flight risk, even though unlike him she speaks several languages, just spent two days in the only country where you might get asylum in the Americas (other than Cuba trust me I know I lived there) and has stated she wants to leave the US publically. But no! Snowdy knows better! He thinks he can create reality and everyone will believe the bullshit he says. Of course he thinks that, the media has made it that way.

Snowdy gets really going in his big finish and writes: “To hold a citizen incommunicado and indefinitely while awaiting trial for the alleged crime of serving as a journalistic source should outrage us all.” God knows I do not want to defend the monstrous US Government but she was allowed her phones calls and to speak to counsel and she has been held for only 10 days now. Snowden calls this indefinite detention. I guess when it is a fellow privileged white elitist (snowflake) and elevated chooser of what should or should not be secret, 10 days is indefinite.

Reading Snowdy’s infantile crap makes it clear how he could have ended up stuck in a transit zone and only further cements my belief that he is merely a Psyop for the CIA, to damage the NSA and demonize Russia and President Putin every chance he gets which is exactly what he does. There is no way this idiot could have made off with all of the NSA’s secrets and even gotten a block away he just does not have the brain.

The actions of the Intercept, handing a source to the US Government, also should make it perfectly clear to anyone who ever doubted that it is an OP to stay away! It is called a Limited Hangout Psychological Operation where a limited amount of intelligence is leaked in order to make the leaker look like a whistleblower or credible and/or to spread disinformation or hide a bigger leak. What Snowden hid was that three US citizens had asylum and were about to get citizenship and were being actively illegally targeted by the CIA (me and my family). He also helped to decimate Anonymous and WikiLeaks which is now totally under the control of the CIA.

Finally my disgust with Snowden has to do with the fact that he was placed 3 kilometers from me on my network segment, has never said anything about me when I am the real first American with asylum in Russia nor my children! Unlike him and his little Reality we never committed a crime and have done nothing but suffer because of the true illegal actions of the US Government and real whistle-blowing against fraud and child trafficking connected to CPS. But that is how the elites are, Greenberg and his “genius” controllers, self-serving, vain and sure that we are all too stupid to know what they are doing. Regardless the Intercept is done and hopefully someone is Russia will finally wake up and ask what the hell he is doing here and who is getting paid to cover for him.

Final Word on Snowden and the Intercept

The Intercept which I have written about extensively in the past and you can find on the Op Snowed-In page is a rogue Obama era Intel Operation started by NED/CIA color revolution sponsor and CIA asset Pierre Omidyar. The recent intel has it that Snowden possessed information regarding Omidyar that he basically bought to silence. Omidyar hired the entire Snowden team including Greenwald who was being blackmailed by the CIA with evidence concerning the distribution of gay porn and attempted to serialize picked and chosen information attributed to Snowden fooling the audience that they were leaks. All of the Intercept’ infrastructure housing the legendary “TOP SECRET” Snowden leaks is in Silicon Valley in California under the watchful eye of CIA assets. In short it is a fake and the arrest of Winner gives us documentary proof that it is an entrapment operation. Unless the FBI documents are also a fake which I doubt they can get away with claiming.

Snowden continues to spread accusations on the internet and his Twitter account that Russia is somehow involved in hacking the US and he regularly criticizes the Russian Government. He was sent to infiltrate Russia, damage the NSA for the CIA, decimate the truth movement, uncover WikiLeaks assets and associates, expose as many members of Anonymous as he could, distract from the destruction of the Voice of Russia and the targeting of me and my family and with the Intercept attempt to take over the truth movement and whistle-blower movement being the key instrument to establish the entrapment operation that is the Intercept.

I have information that after US Ambassador McFaul tried to damage me on two separate occasions and failed before Snowden appeared, Snowden brought over fake information on me that he passed to the Russians. Before WikiLeaks there was Cryptome and then JAR2. I was actually mirroring Cryptome and republishing everything John Young was forced to take down. The US Government could not touch me and when I published the MI6 lists and there was nothing they could do they sent first McFaul whose color revolution plans I also exposed and then Snowden. One day all of the things going on behind the scenes will come out. My original site was called Interceptor.


Every event and every play has many actors. Below are some of the people who have a role is this


Julian Paul Assange and Wikileaks

I have refrained from calling Assange himself part of an Op although WikiLeaks is now completely under the control of the CIA and has been since October 16th of last year when Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy. We had inarguable proof which is detailed on our WikiLeaks page.

How and when and even whether he was taken back or it is a double in the Ecuadorian Embassy now we do not know but we had video footage of his removal and all WikiLeaks principles went black on the same date. See our WikiLeaks page for more.

Bradley Manning should not have been caught and arrested. I do not believe this was Assange’s fault but rather a mole that was inside the WikiLeaks organization. I have a good idea as who that mole is but no proof at this point.

Vault 7 is a Limited Hangout to try to portray the CIA as somehow a leader in the Cyber Sphere.

The Julian Assange Twitter account is being used to completely destroy and discredit the person who Assange is. The person running it uses American English, makes constant mistakes and ridiculous statements. That account was reported to me to be a fake by Hrafnsson in about 2009 yet Twitter continues to allow it to exist and people believe it. All one has to do is see that the person running it is in France and writes in American English, yet people want to believe and thus believe what is obviously a lie. Cognitive Dissonance and people’s hope that there is truth is being manipulated in the worst way.

Julian Paul Assange I believe may have begun as an operative but then had a change of heart when he realized what was wanted of him. If he is in the Embassy he is incommunicado and not in charge of anything, not even the Twitter account.

This Tweet is typical and is definitely not Assange, the perpetual mistakes and American English give it away and it is so obvious in the style, his choice of wording and the point of view that this is not Julian Assange. They are destroying his image. Also the offer of 10,000 dollars for information on the person at the Intercept who outed Winner is completely out of character.


Christine Anna Sands http://julianpaulassange.com/

This horrendous person, one Christine Nevada who attempted to infiltrate the Anonymous movement and WikiLeaks and did so with some success and who was also attempting to get information about the Voice of Russia from me and about my personal life and learn the big question the US Government has about me (namely why do I have asylum?) has launched a campaign to say Assange is CIA.

She is an FBI informant who calls herself “World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector General Sands” she is a toxic individual who obviously is a paid informant for the FBI by her own words and reports everyone she comes into contact with. I have several interviews with her when she was pretending to be an organizer for the Milllion Mask March which I have since taken off my site.

She was instrumental in destroying Anonymous and the Occupy Movement whilst driving around the United States in her “WikiLeaks – Anonymous Command Center” motor home.

John Young

John is the owner of Cryptome and was the first person running a leak site in the world. Cryptome is blocked from Russia and was around long before WikiLeaks. I hosted a Cryptome mirror for some years until one day John disappeared and was different when he came back after a shut down.

I believed he was compromised. He helped WikiLeaks out at first as I did. I actually hosted WikiLeaks for several days when they were first shut down. John Young then came to the conclusion that WikiLeaks was an Op but I was not completely in agreement so there was a falling out.


I must mention Anonymous in this piece because WikiLeaks, the Intercept and Snowden have done more than anyone to decimate and destroy the Anonymous movement. Of this I am certain. As one of the few journalists to have been trusted by Anonymous to conduct interviews I stand by my promise and my journalistic integrity to never give up these individuals.

Anderson Cooper

We know Anderson Copper is a CIA trained plant and asset at CNN. He has all but openly admitted this fact and his membership in the Manuscript Society at Yale where he was recruited.

Joseph P Farrell

One of the first clues to Snowden’s fake nature was the fact that an expert in the field of “Alternative History” was brought in to create the legend for Operation Snowed-In.

Matthew Cole, Richard Esposito, Sam Biddle, Ryan Grim

These are the four authors of the Winner story. There own actions speak for themselves.

Seth Rich and What We Know

The horrendous story of Seth Rich remains a mystery. What we know is that he was the source of the DNC files. He passed the thumb drives to Craig Murray who had flown to Washington and then Craig Murray transferred them to WikiLeaks. This was information which was in a public statement by Murray last December. After Murray took the files there was some altercation. Seth Rich was apparently shot. He was then taken to the hospital and was alive.

Shortly thereafter a team of 4-6 or 8 men in police uniforms who did according to witnesses did not really act like police showed up, who these men were we still do not know but there are only two possibilities: either it was a CIA/MOSSAD-ASTEROIDS hit team or an FBI witness protection team and Rich was either killed in the hospital or was extracted and is somewhere in protective federal custody.

Hard Truth from the Embattled Author

I make a special point to mention my “responsibility” at the beginning because as you may have noticed I have almost all but stopped writing and pursuing my investigative journalistic work and have closed public access to my blog and all but stopped trying to fight for the truth. All due to the real world destruction of my life, career and family, the continued military grade operation to deny me of means to survive, the absence of any kind of income, subsidy, assistance or support either from Russia, the United Nations, the Red Cross or any of the fake humanitarian organizations which are nothing but political platforms who assist those who they can use for political gain.

Then there are the horrendous conditions I am forced to live in, the complete and utter apathy and juvenile level of much of the audience today, the constant daily threats, insults and attacks, the real attacks on my servers and factual real world destruction of hardware and information, the CIA/US Embassy ordered arrest of my son, the fact that such a life is unsustainable and finally the fact that there have been repeated attempts to physically eliminate me.

That might be all worth it if there was an effect but fact is that no matter what is revealed by myself or anyone else (as we saw with Pizzagate) nothing changes and nothing is done and the heinous genocidal criminals being exposed continue operating with impunity!

Being thus it makes almost any kind of serious journalism feel quite frankly like a pointless endeavor and only one that serves to backfire on me, the journalist, on sources and on publishers. Yes, the West is waging a war on journalism, whistleblowers and truth and as we saw recently with Ryan Meador, they will go after anyone who threatens to expose their horrendous crimes.

I must mention my own case because my case is much more serious and much more real in many ways than what is happening to either Snowden, Assange or Winner but I am the big secret you must not know about.

I am sure the MOSSAD, the CIA trash controlling the media (and I call them that because that is what they are after what they did to my family) and the doers of evil who control them, will be happy to hear of my apparent self-censorship but regarding this case I feel I have to speak out, or “write out” as the case may be, and as with all my work, I begin writing with the hope that there is someone out there I am actually reaching being as my only platform now is jar2, I am actively being blacklisted, demonized and attacked and even media outlets which seem to support truth such as RT are afraid of my work, which I might add is no longer republished anywhere.

There is also the fact that I receive almost no feedback, and because of all of this it is becoming more and more questionable whether there is any real point in the endeavor of continuing my journalistic work. So please appreciate what you are reading and know that this is for you, my dear reader and no doubt one of my last works and remember having asylum is not a disease, it is actually a victory over evil and giving some feedback or making a donation to support truth is the right thing to do.

Love you all,


Some Sources Used in this Expose















http://heavy.com/news/2017/06/reality-winner-donald-trump-iran-views-politics-tweets-social-media-posts/ http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/06/hackers-

















CAUTION:The Intercept like the WikiLeaks organization records the IP addresses and all activity by anyone who visits it. All visitors are then entered into databases, flagged and placed on red or yellow lists and from this point on a file is opened on the person identified and all electronic data avavilable to the government is placed into it. This includes all social media posts, contacts, phone, work, travel finacial, medical, entertainment and all other activity that leaves an electronic footprint. With the introduction of RFID chipping of humans and then secretly developed terminator chips which can instantly kill the host, they will be able to simply liquidate the threat, namely you. In the furture of course this will simply be done by a program.

This is not science fiction but science fact as these technologies are already in use and exist.




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