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Raising the stakes

May 24, 2012

I took a drive around Kanekota last week to get some filming done and when we drove by the claim area at Lot 1 Concession 11, I noticed a Royal Lepage Real estate sign listing my claim for sale. I immediately sent a letter to the top lawyer in the Canadian Forces, the JAG.  I have been waiting for someone in the “corporation” to follow their own law for 7 years now. The “Rule of Law” that Harper and Toews rave about in the Commons, is what I would like to happen here. Royal Proclamation supersedes all Admiralty Statutes.

General Cathcart has the duty of JAG in the corporation of Canada and he is now in possession of the following letter I sent. The corporate takeover of the Protectorate area is illegal,  including the windmills and other things I have wrote about in my +10 years as the “eyes and ears” of the Mohawk in Kanekota.  The Minister of Finance has been at the head of this cabal to ignore a royal proclamation and he should be arrested right in the House of Commons for “High Treason”.   I would like to be present when that happens.

May 18, 2012

Brigadier-General Blaise Cathcart

Office of the Judge Advocate General

National Defence Headquarters, 11th Floor

305 Rideau St ,  Ottawa,ON K1A 0K2

Dear General Cathcart,

I am thahoketoteh of Kanekota and I write you today regarding Royal Proclamation 1784. Your office has received correspondence from the Chief of the General Staff in London (letter copied) regarding my claim for Lot1 Concession 11 Nottawasaga Township, Simcoe County. I need your assistance now as there is a civilian Real Estate Agent that has recently listed a portion of my entire claim. This property was originally bought as 180 acre farm in 1972 by Etobicoke Board of Education for $102,000. Our notice to claim this part was given them in 2005. The claim was for the entire lot 1 concession11 which was 360 acres. Some portion of my claim was sold off in 2006 to private interest which The Minister of Finance has built an estate property refusing to follow a Royal Proclamation. This is against Rule of Law since Royal Proclamation supersedes Admiralty Law Statutes. I require your assistance in setting proper jurisdiction and finally bringing some peace to this matter. The Civilian Realty firm is Royal Lepage and the Agent is Ginny MacEachern the number on the sign is 1-800-360-5821. Jim Flaherty’s contact information :701 Rossland Road East- Unit 204, Whitby, Ontario L1N 8Y9, Telephone: (905) 665-8182(picture attached of Lot 1 concession 11).

This has gone on far too long, I am Her Majesty’s faithful ally as stated in the Proclamation and require your assistance now. Please contact all of these entities seeking to ignore this Royal Proclamation. I would like to inhabit the property this summer and have been waiting for the Rule of Law for 8 years now. Corporation of Canada is under Admiralty Law and their jurisdiction covers all water except; “6 miles deep from each side of the Grand River from Lake Erie to its Head” as stated by Captain General Sir Frederic Haldimand in 1784 and with Royal Proclamation status. I trust you will follow the Law on this matter and I await your assistance so that we may continue on in Peace, as was the original intent of Haldimand’s order for you. Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota 

cc:  General Sir Peter Wall

This letter was delivered on May 22 , 2012. As Etowokoam said when he returned from England in 1710 “they rely on the written word, it is how they will be judged”


“The Rule of Law not the rule of the jungle” is what George Bush once said. We shall  all be better when the rule of law applies here. We shall be rid of the criminals right in the House of Commons.

When we gather our minds together as one on issues that affect us all, we shall finally find peace.


Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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