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In France, our hope wears a yellow vest or when Hope dresses in yellow

From a freedom fighter in France

By Jo Busta Lally ► JBL1960BLOG

December 1st 2018 | Translated  from French to English by Résistance 71

In France, a collective political consciousness is marching and wrapped itself in a yellow vest. It has lighted as a small flame, and a small inner beacon has been switched on for the many.

The trigger for this political consciousness in our territory was, without a doubt, the overwhelmingly forced imposition through the totally unjustified taxes made under the guise of a so called “Energy Transition”; itself heavily based on the sole theory of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and exclusively promoted by the pseudo-scientific body known worldwide as the IPCC ; entity which doesn’t accept any contestation of its theory, doesn’t consider any other reasons outside the “Man Made Global Warming” for any recent warming of the planet when it does exist ; and doesn’t consider alternative theory concerning the origin of petroleum such as the russian-ukrainian deep abiotic origin of petroleum and hydrocarbons heavier than methane.

As many argued for a long period of time in a well documented fashion against this scam of the “Energy Transition”, brought up in the name of the AGW, this scheme is nothing more than a gigantic hoax of climatic money vacuum, this was indeed and for the many, the drop of gasoline which overflowed the tank…

At that moment, a big, deep, large and powerful movement came up from the guts of our Mother ; from the countryside, from villages and small towns, from these hamlets in forsaken lands, a geyser of political consciousness erupted, making us all hope that it could have the full capacity to make our humanity triumph and getting in the process the achievement of our liberation, bringing the end of the oppressor / oppressed relationship and hence the end of the artificial political division which has been imposed upon us for thousands of years, a process now indeed proven to be a totally reversible process.

Wage workers, farmers, students, jobless and dropouts of society, all united, consciously or not against the most achieved and most dangerous expression of the oligarchy which has names et faces and represented par the president Macron, a pure branded product of the Rothschild banking system and the City of London with his prime minister Edouard Philippe, an attendee of the Bilderberg meeting in 2016, made all those individuals rise to resist the constant oppression.

In the wake of a Trump and a Trudeau, Macron is a mere tool of the Rothschild banking cartel, the City of London, the heart and soul of the empire.

He is just a pawn put into position by his masters to reactivate and push further the New World Order’s plan, carved in the Georgia Guidestones since 1980, where the first of the ten NWO commandments stipulates that the world population should never rise beyond the mark of 500 million people, this alone representing a world population’s reduction of 95% !

This is why Mr Macron has been designated as the Earth’s champion and has claimed with the German Chancelor Angela Merkel, another puppet of the oligarchy, that we should consider the reduction of the world’s population in order to “save the planet”.

The new mantra is out : Save the Planet ! and the only solution for the French people is to pay !

  • Carbon tax
  • Fuel tax
  • Energy tax
  • We identified some 252 taxes whose we are forced to pay

All of this in the name of this hoax called the “Energy Transition”…

Moreover, what the oligarchy wants is mostly to obtain our consent to be taxed and to be totally submissive to the State and its institutions and for us to perceive this as the sole viable solution to our problems and outside of which nothing would ever be possible.

Clearly, many of us understood that we do have the power to say NO !

That we could massively refuse to consent, hence collapsing immediately their power of domination.

In fact, the whole dominant class is certainly worried to see the people in time, calling for an unlimited general strike which wouldn’t be efficient without expropriation, action which could be carried without weapons, without hatred and without violence.

Who lines up in the pressitute media, panicked to see that the majority of the people who wear the yellow vest and those who support them are advising to remain horizontal, to mistrust and refuse the verticality of the classic scheme of power and action, warning that the higher one gets, and from a higher point one falls and gets hurt.

Then comes in the public opinion the idea of a leadership without power, where the people directs and the (good) government obeys.

This is why I supported the proposition of the Zapatists in Chiapas (Mexico) to call for the creation of an International Network of Resistance and Rebellion against the merchant society, against capitalism. Another world is possible and this call is not only addressed to the native people of the Western Hemisphere, but to all people in rebellion et in resistance in all quarters of the world ; to all of the people challenging the organized plans, the unjust rules, laws, precepts, numbers and statistics.

The Zapatists rightly recognize that they may not be numerous, saying that :

We keep walking on two feet, the resistance and the rebellion, the yes and the no ; no to the system et yes to our autonomy and self-determination, which means that we have to construct our own path towards life. Path rooted upon original or indigenous communities, a collective consciousness, a mutual aid, a solidarity, a deep rooting to the land, a culture including arts and sciences, a constant awareness agains wealth accumulation. This is our guide.

It is our “way”, and we think all this to be different in other cultures and historical realities, this is why we say that one can not export the zapatism, even not in the totality of Chiapas, but that each culture, each agenda and each geographical zone must follow its own path and logic.

It is not an encouraging perspective as our possibilities are restricted. We are not 30 millions.

We may be only 300.

Until now in France, I didn’t think we would be 300 either. I have to say that today sees the hope that we may be 300 000 awaken, convinced and motivated, stubborn individuals, and who knows, may be 3 millions tomorrow ?

The ruling evil represented by Macron and his orchestra knows fairly well that, as once said Mahatma Gandhi in substance: one politically conscious individual standing up is much more dangerous for the ruling elite and its power than 10 000 individuals politically asleep and submissive.

It is with this collective political consciousness that we are organizing de facto a strategy in order to replace the multi-millenia antagonism in which we have been imprisoned and which impairs humanity to embrace its natural tendency towards complementarity, the factor of unity in the great diversity of an organic political and sociological Whole which could be seen as the “society of societies”.

From France ; Jo Busta Lally

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