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24 November 2010: On this planet we are all made of the same DNA as the earth. This makes us all one genetically. The borders that we use are all man-made. Race, religion, class and geographic borders, all come from the original sin, Hierarchy. The monarchies all trace their lineage through the Pharaohs to King Nimrod of Babylon and they all retain their “right to rule” on his lie of hierarchy. Nimrod was also the originator of Masonic mind control technology. A great book on this is Uriel’s Machine Uriel’s Machine

The truth is in the original creation story, that we all started here on Turtle Island. The Sky woman fell from the Sky-world to this world when it was covered in water. A turtle allowed her to sit on his back and she created North America first; the geologic record proves that the Canadian shield is the oldest rock on earth. It was another passing of the sky-world before she created the 4 races of men; from the clay the red-man, from the soil the black-man, from the bark of the elm the yellow-man and the last brother from the salt of the ocean the white-man. After the other parts of the earth were ready, she placed the yellow-man on another part of the earth and told him to return to Turtle Island one day. She placed the Black and white men somewhere else and told them they should return to Turtle Island one day. She left the red-man here and told him she take care of turtle island for the return of his brothers. The reason America has its name, originates in Babylon where “Merica” was the star in the west where they were created.

When the Templars arrived in the 1300’s we said “welcome home younger brother”. They used to be a papal order and the next visitors were the Jesuits, another papal order. The story line is they were here to spread Christianity but the real reason was spreading the plague. Estimates range from 80 to 120 million died in the genocide. A great movie on the Canadian involvement is 1991“Black Robe”

The Vatican was behind all of it and only now are we shocked at the molestation of the children by the priesthood?

In 1701 at Montreal, 37 nations from across Great Turtle Island met with France and it was agreed that we would share our land with our younger brothers from across the sea through Gushwenta (two row) under kayanerakowa the constitution of peace, perpetually forever. England was brought into the treaty and were the next to join. Our chiefs traveled to England in 1710 to spread the peace to Europe and they discovered that there was no interest in peace over there. Peacemaker taught us 3 things; Oneness, Power of the Mind, Constitution of Peace. Of all the entities who came to this earth he was the brightest teacher and it was because he knew until you figure it out for yourself, you will never get it. He asked us Haudenosaunee to be the guardians of this formula and to spread it to the world. We arrived in Europe again in 1923 to join the League of Nations but were never even allowed to speak, although totally sponsored and qualified. If we had been allowed to speak, WW2 would have never happened and we would be well on our way to spiritual advancement on this planet. For until we stop the continuous slaughter of our own kind we can never evolve as spiritual beings.

The peace lies in the consensus process. In the longhouse example; Being matriarchal we derive Clan from the mothers and the house meets in clans. Anyone having an issue that affects the entire nation puts it into the well. Turtle Clan mother draws the issue out of the well and the turtles all have their say on the issue until they become of one mind and they turn it to the wolves. Wolf Clan mother discusses how the issue went into the well and how the Turtles saw it and then the wolves all have their say on it until they become of one mind and turn it to the bears. Bear Clan mother discusses how it went into the well and how the turtles and wolves became of one mind. Now the bears all have their say on it until they become of one mind.  In this example there is never anywhere for division as that is the root of all war. The truth is we are all one.

To end the current war we must put an end to corporatism. To end corporatism we must restore shareholder liability and remove the masks. We will find the same individuals own all the corporations. They are the Masters of War and the only impediment to peace. Their constitution is “Ordo ab Chao” or divide and conquer, the constitution of War. ordo ab chao Until we can all figure this stuff out in our own minds, the war will continue.

Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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