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Seizure of Russian Diplomatic properties

Warning to the Government of the Russian Federation: Be Harsh

Time to be Harsh: On the Seizure of Russian Diplomatic Properties in the US

During my recent appearance on Russian television I stated that Russia must respond harshly to the seizure of is diplomatic properties in the US, that the US was in violation of Articles 22, 30 , 31 and 45 (at a minimum) of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and that the United Nations were completely silent. In the short time I had I could not expand but that silence by the United Nations will be the basis for another piece I am working on detailing the United Nations as merely an instrument of the “West” and the Illuminati N.W.O. My contention was not that the UN should have power over Russia but that it has failed in its primary function in every case and under every situation when it comes to reigning in the illegality of the United States and Israel and this is a perfect example of the bias and US Controlled nature of the United Nations and underlines why it must be moved out of the United States.

I also stated that it is not acceptable in any way to allow the United States to blackmail Russia with anything, even its own diplomatic compounds, as this sets a very dangerous precedent, something I will get into for my Russian and international readers in more detail below because it is obvious by the narrative and inaction that the true nature of the seriousness and the threat are not understood. The United States has once again blatantly broken the law, lied openly without presenting evidence and then used lies to make threats and demands against a sovereign nation, whilst also illegally entering diplomatic compounds as Russia has been gracious enough not to respond reciprocally and with parity as it should have.

“The World Had Moved On” – Stephen King

We are living in a world ruled by a criminal cabal that seized power in the year 2000 and is bent on global domination at any cost including instigating nuclear World War III. This Criminal Cabal completely controls the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the EU and the FVEY countries. They hide behind many faces but to define who it is has grown simpler as time goes on. They are quite simply called “the Illuminati” and the system of global control that they have been trying to bring about is called the New World Order.  

The Illuminati is a Luciferian Sect that worships Moloch (Satan) and hides behind Jewry. They have infiltrated every secret organization on Earth from the Masons to the Knights of Malta and control governments worldwide from the shadows where they hide like rats. The Cabal which now runs the world is thus a grouping of shadow governments, secretive organizations and globalist bankers and financial manipulators, starting wars and destroying cultures, countries and peoples to obtain control. It is a hydra with so many heads that it is now almost impossible to talk of its liquidation. They use a phony platform of Global Zionism and use the global Jewry as their chief instrument. Most believe that Zionism is about establishing a homeland for the Jews but this is far from the case. Even the Jews with all their trickery and manipulation who believe they are God’s chosen and the most worthy and intelligent humans on Earth are being duped as they have been for thousands of years.

Using the Jewry has been the wisest move for the Illuminati, whose really truly only serve themselves and are in service is to the City of London and the Crown (now this point is arguable as they in fact own the crown), for the world Jewry is the perfect instrument to establish globalization. By labelling themselves Zionists and claiming they want to establish a homeland for the Jews they guarantee the unquestioning loyalty of world Jewry but as I have attempted to say earlier their real goal and interest in Palestine is not a home for Jews but the takeover of Castle Mount and Jerusalem for the Illuminati’s real master Lucifer.

I have just briefed you on a subject that requires volumes and volume s to detail but you can find enough on jar2.com to get a good understanding of who these demons are and what they are doing. Regardless of whether you believe the motivations as I have outlined them, you cannot argue with the danger that is global Zionism as a force that benefits only one small group and in the end only benefits Lord Rothschild and the City of London Corporation.

Yes I called the City of London a Corporation because that is what it is, as are all the FVEY countries which are all registered as Corporations with the City of London and as far as my research has shown are in fact registered as the property of Lord Rothschild. So Americans and Brits and those who still think their countries are free I am sorry to burst your bubble. Your country and you as a corporate identity belong to the Rothschilds and their cabal of Globalist Bankers.

The Diplomacy of Barbarians: Why Russia Must Formulate a New Foreign Policy Concept

I started this piece with a brief description of the cabal because it is necessary to understand who runs the world if one is to be effective in defending against them and truly understanding what is really going on. That said what we are seeing now are the final steps in the takeover of the world by the Zionist-Illuminati Luciferian scum as they seek to culminate hundreds of years of manipulations and devious plans.

With the understanding that the President of the United States and the entire US Federal Government and all foreign policy organs are controlled by what we can loosely call Council of Foreign Relations Zionist-Illuminati scum who were and are complicit in the events of 911 and the waging of endless illegal Wars of Aggression in a mad drive for global domination, then the approach that countries must now take when dealing with the United States of America becomes clear and must be one similar to the approach one would take when dealing with a rogue terrorist entity which has absolutely no respect for international law.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Russian Diplomacy but I must warn those in charge of Russian Foreign Policy that it is time to move away from the strategy of appeasement and take a more aggressive and resolute position. These are not “partners, colleagues or friends” they are a criminal Zionist Cabal (represented by Henry Kissinger who has been to Moscow and met with President Putin more times that any US President as their chief representative) and their principle goal is the destruction of the Russian World, Orthodoxy and the Russian Federation.

What went from an ideological divide and a war between Communism and Capitalism has become a good and evil divide between savage Orientalism and outright criminality and order and the Rule of Law, and unfortunately Russia is losing and as long as the policies of appeasement and non-conflict take precedence Russia and the Russian World will continue to lose.

We have seen that the US Criminal Cabal has no respect whatsoever for International Law. They have even openly stated that international law interferes with their sovereignty and of course the reality is that international law interferes with their attempt to take over the world and all of their crimes against humanity and violations of sovereignty.

International laws and conventions are abstract concepts for the US/NATO/Israel which they believe they may ignore at will, Russia must show them that this is no longer the case. For sixteen years they have openly maintained an illegal torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Since the illegal attack on Yugoslavia they have been engaged in a seemingly countless amount of acts of Aggressive War, the assassination of leaders and the destruction of countries, yet no one says a word and the United Nations does nothing and Russia unfortunately as she struggled to rebuild herself after the collapse of the Soviet Union has done almost nothing as well.

The literal fate of the entire world is in the balance now, not only the destruction of the Russian World, and we believe it is time for the Russian Federation to take a leading role in the world and be a beacon of hope and a new moral compass, especially give the old “moral compass’ attempts to normalize every kind of perversion under the sun beginning with gay marriage, moving on to pedophilia and continuing with 12 more we will not even mention. Russia lead, its real lead in the world can start simply by organizing tribunals to investigate and prosecute multiple acts of aggressive war and Russia can stand up starting today by reacting harshly to the illegal and egregious seizure of it diplomatic properties.

The US is testing Russian resolve and if it allows these properties to be compromised and used as objects for blackmail, as they already have been, with conditions be laid out and the illegal entry into the compounds by US Special Services, then there is no telling what will be next.

Russia has the moral and legal right to respond aggressively and must do so or the next act will be worse. There must not be appeasement and anyone calling for appeasement must be removed from government, the post-Soviet neo-Liberal CIA funded party must be deemed over by the Russian Government and the Security Services of the Russian Federation.    

Internal Changes That Must be Made to Protect the Russian Federation

Like I just said; “anyone calling for appeasement must be removed from government”, this is absolutely necessary in order to protect the State, yet strangely this is a topic that no one is allowed to talk about. It is political suicide in Russia to talk about the corruption but I must take the risk because it is this corruption that will eventually destroy the Russian Federation as a viable state and it is this corruption that has been used and continues to be used by Western Intelligence Agencies and the West to bring about the destruction of Russia and the Russian World! It is also this corruption that is behind the policy of appeasement, although you might more accurately label it “soft corruption” or treason by default.

It was corruption which allowed the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD to bring about the destruction of the USSR and it was the CIA “controlled” privatization that guaranteed the wealth and power of everyone who helped destroy Communism and the USSR, with one high official responsible for privatization even employing 12 CIA officers and admitting that the goal was that there never be a return to Communism. I have seen this with my own eyes, especially in the ‘90s as bandits and killers and corrupt officials stole and raped the country and rose to power. These Western “assets” believe they have impunity, because they all help each other and protect each other by default and if things get too bad they can just run off to Israel or the UK or the USA where they have homes and property waiting.  

MOSSAD calls these traitors to Russia Sayanim or “assets” and the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD undoubtedly possess over a million of such assets in Russia and at or near the top of every Russian business and government body. The Sayanim are not spies, they have no secret information, they do not usually have pseudonyms or meet with controllers, they are assets who always willingly support and aid the position of the enemy. These are the same as those I call the 5th column people ready and willing to help the West not even knowing what they are really doing but having grown up with false ideas and digesting endless propaganda which is financed and paid for by the West.

They may be like the mayor and half of the administration of the city where I used to live, people with real estate abroad who take vacations in the West and send their children to Western educational institutions. They do not have to be paid a cent by the intelligence agencies of the West, by default they will do whatever is needed to protect their visas or connections in the West. These are the worst types of foreign agents. These are the same as the people who have refused to help me and my family even though we are Russian patriots because they falsely believe the USA is a “normal” country which will one day be their salvation.

The number of such people with false abstract dreams of the Statue of Liberty and some heaven in Manhattan where they would be rich and live in a land of milk and honey are in the hundreds of thousands. They believe that Hollywood films, made mostly as escapism for Americans to forget their dreary miserable lives, represent like Russian films, the reality of life. Sadly when you tell them this is not true their Cognitive Dissonance is so strong that they refuse to believe anything contrary to this fantasy they have.   

More obvious but just as bad are those holding dual Israeli or any other dual citizenship. All Israelis are first and foremost loyal to Israel as are the Russian Jews I have met and if Israel wants to destroy Russia they will assist Israel first. It is these scum who must be dealt with first and foremost. Either they give up their Israeli citizenship or they are to be removed from any position where they can harm State Security. Their impunity must be ended.

I have seen with my own eyes how a country where everyone had a place to live and a job and education has been turned into a capitalist hell for the poor, the voiceless and the marginalized. A country run and controlled by corrupt and criminal officials, not all have you, I was just unfortunate enough to have lived in the worst area for almost 20 years until I complained of bribes and they came after me and my family. After destroying my family, career and reputation they have tried to make me one of those voiceless as well but I continue to write and fight them because I am not fighting just for my own survival I am fighting for the survival of the Russian World, the Russian people, the voiceless and the Russian State, which these traitors would destroy for their own gain.    

Russia Must and Can Return Dignity to the People

How can Russia battle the real and concrete threat from within posed by entrenched officials, neo-liberal US/Israeli loyal elites and oligarchs working against Russia and in collusion with the Sayanim and the CIA/MI6 Western installed and sympathetic assets?

First there has to be an overall system wide policy away from the bandit capitalism that has become the norm, but how? President Putin has done a lot and progress has been made but not enough. The answer is quite simple and involves giving dignity and respect back to the people, for example there has to be rent control, a lowering of rents to realistic levels and making landlords pay taxes. The entire propiska system must be liquidated or else bring back giving people apartments. The salaries of workers must be raised to normal levels to end the horrendous banditry, the black economy of bribes and “presents” and the exploitation of the masses by those with power.

Sadly these things of course will probably never happen because during privatization those who were corrupt and with connections obtained countless apartments, businesses, wealth and real-estate and honest people ended up with nothing. So we have a situation in Russia where the corrupt are rewarded and honest people are kept down and literally become slaves and the only way to change it is if the corrupt decide to punish themselves since they control all of the levers of power and justice, something which of course will never happen. Like with the trial of my son where the judge said if my son was found innocent 30-40 corrupt cops would lose their jobs and that could not happen and my complaints regarding bribes demanded for citizenship, where the complaints were actually sent to the corrupt officials to determine if they themselves were guilty it appears to be all a farce and I have lived long enough in fear and I am going to die soon so I do not care anymore and am speaking out. Let them come and kill me. The truth has to be told to save the country because these same scum will destroy Mother Russia for a dollar and I love Russia and the Russian people and want the best for everyone.

This Western promoted corruption is why the charade that is Navalny is so insidious. The poor and marginalized who need a voice against corruption are lied to and deceived by this CIA Agent posing as a champion for justice who only attacks those who are of interest to his CIA masters. Navalny never talks about real corruption because he himself is a corrupt traitor receiving grants and support from the West for his selling out of his own country.

Internally to make Russia strong there has to be a move away from the control by fear doctrine as well, something that is in use by many of those in power! Although this may work in the short term it is having the opposite effect on society. Just like a dog you beat every day it will eventually fight back.

Liquidate the 5th Column

The most dangerous internal threat to Russian State Security is the media and social media such as Twitter and Facebook which are in fact creating the Sayanim and the brainwashed assets for the West. One good example is a student I had who was also an English teacher and who sang Beetles songs, read trash like Palahniuk and said he would die for America. When I asked why he said merely because it was a great country and the land of the free and that Russia was shit. These are the kinds of brainwashed minions that the media creates and in Russia there are millions of them. All believing that the West will value them and give them the money and riches they crave for little or no effort.

Robles vs Bohm on Channel One

John Robles



I mention the media as most important because the media in Russia gets away with promoting the West by saying it is freedom of the press or freedom of speech when in fact it is carefully crafted subversion. It is stunning how blatantly obvious the media in Russia is allowed to subvert the state, all you have to do is trun on any channel and within 5 minutes the US has been mentioned in one way or another and that is every few minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I came to Russia because I love Russia, Russian culture and the Russian people but I cannot watch Russian television anymore because it is an instant reminder of the US and the soft propaganda is so obvious to me that I have to turn it off almost immediately.

Clear the Ranks

People who enter government should do so in order to serve the people but in Russia unfortunately most people enter the government to make themselves and their circle rich or to get some benefits or become “cool” as the Russians love to say. These people need to be gotten rid of for they are a cancer on the Russian State. They are akin to the murderers in the US who join the police so they can kill people or the politicians who become lawmakers in order to enrich their circle and break the law. Corruption is the same everywhere except in Russia it is an instrument being used by foreign intelligence agencies to destroy the state, a major difference.

Another personal example was my service to Russia at the Voice of Russia World Service in English where I was living dirt poor and barely made the rent every month but there were people making less than me driving range rovers. Financed by the US, the UK and Israel.


I have written about these internal threat actors because they influence Russian policy and they will do everything to serve their Western masters who are attempting to destroy the Russian State and bring it to its knees.

It is therefore not only the Western marauders who Russia must fight but the internal Russian assets of these marauders. Therefore Russia must respond as harshly as possible to this direct attack on her sovereignty. If it were up to me I would evict every single CIA Officer and US Embassy employee from Russia until such a time as the Russian property was returned and an official apology were received. That is the only equal and respectable move that the criminals in power in the US will understand.

One final note for the idiots in Washington: by openly attacking and disrespecting diplomatic assets you are opening the door to the same thing being done to US assets in every country of the world and there are far more countries all over the world who have more serious and real claims against the US than fabricated and made up hacking of an election where a pedophile ring lost.






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