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Nov 16, 2012. The Owista disease is the most infectious disease imposed upon us Onkwehonwe and it is the most deadly to the one-mind principle of Kayanerakowa. The cause of this disease is through the divide and conquer as discussed in John Perkins book” Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

. The economic hitmen in our case are the government agents (councilors) who have taken the money from the bankers with the idea that they “don’t worry about the people, think of yourselves and your family.” When this pyramidal control is in place it is impossible for the people to ever become of one mind as they will never get past the 51% imposition.

On October 25th 1924 the Tyendinaga territory (880,000 acres) was reduced to 30, 000 fenced in acres, under the colonial Indian Advancement Act. The Indian agents (Prison guards) were stationed to control all movement of Mohawks. Many of us still remember this dark time when we look at the modern Indian agents called “Band councilors”. All of the “Reservations” came from this  illegal piece of legislation which is the definition of Genocide as described in 1947 with the “Crime and Punishment of Genocide Act” , of which Canada was a signatory Law on genocide

The Disease was named by our medicine men a while back as our most lethal because it is a disease of the mind that will destroy us as a people. The only cure for this disease is Kayanerakowa, which is the formula whereby we can become of one mind on issues that affect us all. When each community re-establish the control of the Women Council to govern all aspects of the community, is the key to being rid of the 51% corporatism. That will eliminate the pyramidal control grid and the corruption associated with it. So if Owista is the disease? Then Kayanerakowa is the cure. It will work the same in all communities so it is only right that we show the people of the world the solution to their problems as well. As Kanionkihaka, my duty is to ensure the peace continues in our own communities and then to spread it to the world. Let us follow our ancient way and become of One Mind again, the world is waiting for that.

All Onkwehonwe communities are matrilineal according to the Great Law principle, so let us start in the former POW camps now called “Reservations” and cure the world of the deadliest disease known as Owista. The Municipalities surrounding us can follow our example and the people of the world will all be watching as they are looking for solutions as well.


To all you women; Your responsibility is the children and the community you bring them into, this is 100% women business. Take back control over your communities by being rid of all men who claim such jurisdiction and by gathering with the women to become of one mind to protect the children and the land that you live on.  This is the supreme law on Onowaregeh (Great Turtle Island). To all you men; Your responsibility is to protect your communities as per the wishes of your women council, whom have the supreme authority over the communities. This is the Law.

To the people of the world; The false law of Imperialism is what continues the war problem and  will destroy the earth. The solution to your problems lies in the elimination of the 51% paradigm and establishing One-Mind amongst the women of each community. The Men are to ensure that all interaction between the communities are following the principles of the Peace and the will of women council. We can have everlasting peace on earth when this balance between Male and Female energies occurs. It is a great time to be alive people.


Unity, Strength, Peace,






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