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MNN. SEPT. 6, 2017. The “Rage Room” under the Department of Justice at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, on kaia-nere-kowa land, demonstrates the inherent weakness of the feudal system in the pretend democracy called Canada. It was designed to enhance anger of the Members of Parliament.


Stressed out MPs go down into the rage room and relieve stress by taking a mallet and smashing an iPad or throwing an axe through a Smart car or think about annihilating their enemy. It takes some time to calm down after such a high. Unfortunately the public doesn’t get to watch the spending of their tax dollars.

The Canadian system was designed to fail when a rage room was a part of the original blueprints for the government’s building. There will never be unity, as long as the 51% majority rules system is in place. The shareholders require a rage room to bolster the divide among the people.

The solution to dealing with the hate, anger and wrath needed to create obscene rules and regulations to oppress and deny justice to people is the consensual decision making process of the kai-nere-kowa, the great peace. 100% agreement or understanding is required to reach a peaceful outcome.

The 51% majority rule only serves the oligarchs. It is meant to divide the peoples’ minds. Keeping people from putting their minds together is reflected in the architecture of the building.

While the politicians are fighting each other, the bankers rape the country dry.


The War Room on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs at 10 Wellington exposes what Canada really is, a military occupation of onkwe-hon-weh land. All the reserves are POW camps for the INDIANS run by the army. The lawmakers are trained to act calm but are actually enraged that we true natural people still exist. They still have to make programs of theft, lies and mass murder of the true natural people.

Practice makes perfect as “Clockwork Orange” points out so clearly, “I’m singing in the rain. Just signing in the rain. what a glorious feeling. I’m happy again???

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What every Politician, Political Party and all Canadians and First Nations need to know about our FAKE Democracies!

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