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Nov. 29, 2017 ; I want to tell the story of Canada from the perspective of someone here on the ground looking at all the facts .


In 1605 Samuel de Champlain arrived in the St. Lawrence River and established Quebec city as the first colonial community in North America. In 1609 he sailed south on the Richelieu river and then into the lake that now bears his name. When he arrived at the Mohawk community of Ticonderoga he immediately started an assault against that village and burned all their crops that they needed for the coming winter. It was the first time the Mohawk there had experienced warfare since the formation of the Law of Peace (clan based matriarchal leadership) that all the nations were following in North America. Champlain continued his attacks against the nations following Kayanerakowa until 1615 and this how the 92 year war (French and Indian wars) started. The Dutch also arrived at Manhattan in 1609 and established a colonial community and by 1624 had established a trading community in what is now the capital of New York state, Albany. It was at the junction of the Mohawk river and the Hudson river directly across from the Lower Castle community of the Mohawk.

The Huron (Wendat) were also following Gushwenta (2 row) under Kayanerakowa (Great Peace), until their minds had been poisoned with the Owista disease and they aligned with the French to wage war against their Iroquois (Confederacy) brothers. In 1645 the Huron had the opportunity to return the Peace and when they failed, the Black wampum was dropped and the Iroquois invaded Ontario with 1000s of men to re-establish the Great Peace. All Huron villages were routed and by 1649 they had been routed out of Ontario. The English had concluded the treaty of Breda with the Dutch in 1667 and had swapped their South American colony Surinam for the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam and moved their admistration to Albany and accepted the gushwenta (2 row) to live in peace with the Iroquois. The battles between the French settlers and the Iroquois continued until 1701 when the French sued for peace and on the island of Montreal in the summer of 1701, the ceremony which became known as the Great Peace of Montreal was concluded. In August of 1701 the treaty which became known as “Beaver Hunting grounds” was established at Albany and the English were allowed to set up their first community in Canada at Kingston Ontario. Nanfan treaty

All peoples were now enjoying peace and this formula to survive and coexist with each other as brothers and sisters on mother earth showed its merits. In 1710 the chiefs of the confederacy traveled to London England to hold the first world peace conference.  The Monarchies of Europe were all invited but they were all patriarchal institutions so were not to interested in giving their women the proper place in the decision making process so this formula was smothered by the ruling class and the wars in Europe continued. Meanwhile the colonists in New England were learning the kayanerakowa formula which they later called democracy. In a series of meetings with the Iroquois the most famous being the Albany Plan 1754 Albany Plan the settler communities were devising their own version of the peace. The Lords and their bankers in London wanted nothing to change the status of the women; whom they owned as property and directed their agents to thwart this plan. The first draft of the American constitution was based upon the Kayanerakowa but instead of having Council of women and Council of men they replaced it with Senate and Congress which were all men. The Lords approved that system but they placed the office of President with the ability to dictate over the will of the people.

The American revolution was devised in the lodges of freemasonry, who are all directed by the lords in London, as the first false flag war. This is proved when you look at the chronology ; Washington is said to have a ragtag army that Cornwallis could never rout and his first major victory and biggest army was in the winter of 1778 when he defeated the mercenary Hessian. In January of 1779 Washington sent General Sullivan up through Seneca country with 13,000 troops to Onondaga while the British parked their ships and took the year off. These troops had 1 mission to chop down the Great tree of Peace which had been planted by Dekanawida at the last time there was 2 suns in the sky and destroy the law of peace to create the Republic of War. They also created the Jay treaty of Trade & commerce 1784 that all international law is based upon to this day. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/jay.asp

They divided the Iroquois land into Canada and the United States while 13 families  controlled all commerce on both sides of the imaginary line.  The Kanionkihaka Mohawk from the upper and lower castles relocated to Lachine for the duration of the “war” in the colony. The British top military post is Captain General and they were needed in colonial times as they had the power of the King to make laws in the colonies around the Globe and Captain General Frederick Haldimand was the one who directed the restructuring of British North America. To fabricate a settlement arrangement he had a Mississauga “chief” pretend to sell him land at Grand River which he was to provide British protectorate status for the Mohawks, this became known as the Haldimand Proclamation. In 1784 many Mohawk families settled at the Bay of Quinte in Ontario and then some went to Grand River with “British Captain Brant” and began a settlement there at the present site of Brantford Ontario. Brant was also a 33rd degree freemason and was removed from the confederacy in 1804 for treason, he murdered his own son in 1805 and died alone at his mansion in Burlington Ontario in 1807.

When the next fabricated war happened in 1812 it was the Mohawk who won the first 3 battles at Michilamacinac, Detroit and Queenston Heights. That conflict lasted until 1815 and ended with the creation of the 2nd private central bank coming to control the colonists in 1816, showing the real reason for that war. In Canada all the communities created by the settlers were created at the direction of the army and they were and still are private corporations. The shareholders of these corporations are the bankers that occupy the City of London, a CROWN corporation. So when you see the sign welcoming you to the city of Toronto it will say “ inc. 1843” as with all other municipalities in Canada. The people think that they are the shareholders of their community but they are not. If you have no share certificate and have never received a dividend check, then you are not. This system of corporatism continued unabated until the present. In 1867 the communities in Eastern Canada confederated to form a new corporation called Canada with its head office in Kingston Ontario. Since all the communities were on native land the most important department in the new corporation was “Indian Affairs”and with the passing of the Constitution Act in 1791 by the parliament of England, Upper and Lower Canada were set up to administer these areas for the owners in London. A group of banking families known as “the Family Compact” were overseeing Upper Canada and “the Chateau Clique” were overseeing Lower Canada. These families are now the top 5 Canadian Banks that own all municipalities outright still. That is the real power of the Canadian banks and why the Bank of Canada was abolished by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1974.

Colonialism was spreading like wildfire across the world in the 19th century and was the fuel that caused WW1 to burn so hot. In 1923 the League of Nations was organizing in Geneva and the Hague and Canada being a private colony of England was not qualified to join but we Iroquois were invited by 7 countries to join. The Cayuga chief Deskaheh was dispatched to Europe where he spent more than a year but was consistently blocked by Britain to address the assembly. The Minister of Indian Affairs in the colony of Canada was Duncan Campbell Scott at the time and he was so enraged with our effort that he penned the “Indian Advancement Act” 1924. This act created all the reservations as P.O.W. Camps for the “indians” and a fence was erected around each while the prison guards were called “Indian Agents” . No Indian could leave the reserve without specific permission from the indian agent. He did not allow Deskaheh back home and had him murdered in 1925 at Tonawanda NY, there is a monument to him at the Sour Spring Longhouse on the Grand River.


M. In 1931 the treaty of Westminster was enacted as a first step in the decolonization of the British empire and it stated the colonies should go to the people and have them formulate constitutions. In Canada this still has not happened.

The League of Nations was not successful until they became the United Nations after WW2. Canada was allowed to join the United Nations even though they are still a colony (Dominion) of England. In 1947 the UN created an act to address the Crime and Punishment of Genocide and Canada did never follow that direction since they were busy stealing native children from their families and murdering them in the residential school anomaly. In 1963 the UN enacted another act on Decolonization which Canada has never adopted. In 1967 Canada stopped playing “God save the Queen” in the schools and proclaimed they were now a “legal” country. The people were all scratching their heads because they have never been asked to vote on any of these important issues but Trudeau 1 was now at the helm of the Canadian colonial ship and he tried to facilitate the 100 year timeline of the indian advancement act with his infamous “White Paper” 1969. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1969_White_Paper

In 1974 he stopped using the successful Bank of Canada for the creation of currency and turned that function over to the City of London private bankers and in 1975 Canadians learned a new term “Deficit”. This now affects every Canadian and their unborn children. This is the true legacy of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

In 1990 there was an incident at Akwesasne territory and 2 men were murdered. The Surete de Quebec (SQ) investigated and the evidence showed the murder weapon was paid for with a SQ cheque at a gunstore in Laval . The investigating officer was Corporal Marcel Lemay and when he brought this evidence forward the chain of command panicked and initiated a raid on the Mohawk community of Kahnesatake where Lemay was positioned in the front and killed by “friendly fire” This incident became known as the Oka crisis and ended after a 78 day standoff between the Canadian army and the Mohawks. That issue of land has still not been resolved. In 2008 Prime Minister stood up in the House and apologized for the genocidal acts of the residential schools. Apologizing suggests admittance of a horrendous crime that is covered in one of the UN acts Canada is supposed to enshrine in a constitution that still does not exist.

All Canadians need to understand the facts that underpin their history and that is why I write this paper. Until you have an opportunity to swear an allegiance to a constitution it only applies to those who swear an oath to it. The only ones who have had this discussion are the employees of the corporation CANADA known as MPs and their oath of allegiance is to the Queen of England and her heirs and ancestors as this video shows; when Trudeau 2 was sworn in

In a true country you should swear an oath to the people you represent and the land you are living on. All of the people working in government (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) take this same oath.

The Charter of Rights only applies to the MPs , MPPs and municipal workers not to the people who it purports to represent. With that in mind it means that the rest of us are living in a police state under statute law with no constitutional rights. All the courts in Canada are also private corporations under Admiralty law and are for banks, corporations and always about money.

Until the people stop participating in the fraud that is voting this situation will continue. When you cast a ballot it actually means you vote for the current system to continue until the next vote. That is all you vote for when the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird.

Unity, Strength, Peace,


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