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Music is the Medicine

logo purple betterFeb.1, 2016. Music is a universal language because sound waves travel by frequency and that is how the plants, birds and animals communicate. The work on the solfagio scale by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and others is monumental in the field of communication solfeggio frequencies .When listening to the natural world’s symphony every night at dusk, you can hear the notes and they are all on the the heartbeat of Mother Earth. I always wondered why Jimi Hendrix tuned down slightly more than a semi-tone and now it is apparent that he was the first musician to tune to A 417, one of the solfagio notes.

In the shocking new movie “Jimi Hendrix: the last 24 hours”,  the murder of Jimi is revealed, when the real autopsy  shows that his lungs were filled with red wine. The real ambulance driver report shows that when they picked him up at Monica Dannemenn’s flat, he had been dead for about 8 hours. The CIA and FBI had Jimi and many of the other rockstars, listed as threats to national security in the “freedom of information” documents shown in this film. The controllers lost it a bit in the 60’s but they took over the music by eliminating any free-thinkers, with a series of assassinations. The list is long but after the release of this film, Brian Jones death has been re-opened as a murder investigation. The “suits” have been deciding what you are allowed to listen since they killed the music. I recommend everyone watch this film.

There is a moment now where we can allow the free-thinkers back where they belong, in the music. With the advent of the world wide web, anyone can be heard and the people can decide what they like, by supporting the independent musician. This is truly revolutionary, so do support those that strike a chord with you by buying their products. We can take back the music and decide for ourselves what is good, instead of being programmed. The controllers are losing their grip, let us celebrate while we watch the rebirth of the music and listen to the “troubadours” spread the truth.

It is a great time to be alive and the real revolution is spirit evolution.

Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of Kanekota


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