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Lot 1 concession 11, nottawasaga township

logo purple betterNov. 17, 2009. Kanekota means “where the water comes from the earth”  or headwaters in English. If we were to look at the earth as a human body, this would be where the kidneys and liver would be, cleaning the blood. It is a very important place and has the cleanest water in the world as a gift, coming from our mother earth. Let us give thanks that she still does this.

After receiving my copy of the “Haldimand Proclamation”1784 from archives Canada in 2005 I went to MNR to have a map made of the head of the Grand River, with an approximate 6 mile limit. On this map I show clearly Lot 1 concession 11 clearly within the boundaries. We sent notice to Etobicoke board of education to vacate that property as it violates the proclamation, which they did.

I sent notice to all of the members of Toronto city council of their violation and asked for the keys to the gate they left at the abandoned outdoor education centre. They all received a copy of the map and the haldimand proclamation. The councillor that met me said he could not step on any toes and it was a sensitive issue so he did not bring the keys. What about “truth and reconciliation”?haldimand 2

October 25, 1784

Frederick Haldimand Captain General and Governor in Chief of the province of Quebec and Territories depending thereon

General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s Forces in said province and the Frontiers thereof

Whereas His Majesty having been pleased to direct that in consideration of the early attachment to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians and of the loss of their settlement which they thereby sustained – that a convenient tract of land under his protection should be chosen as a safe and comfortable retreat for them and others of the Six Nations, who have either lost their settlements within the Territory of the American States, or wish to retire from them to the British – I have at the earnest desire of many of these His Majesty’s faithful Allies purchased a tract of land from the Indians situated between the Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron, and I do hereby in His Majesty’s name authorize and permit the said Mohawk Nation and such others of the Six Nation Indians as wish to settle in that quarter to take possession of and settle upon the Banks of the River commonly called Ouse or Grand River, running into Lake Erie, allotting to them for that purpose six miles deep from each side of the river beginning at Lake Erie and extending in that proportion to the head of the said river, which them and their posterity are to enjoy for ever. –

I phoned the guy at MNR to see if he could send me an electronic copy of the map and he told me “one of the custom maps got out there on the net, so new rules were implemented” and he could no longer make custom maps for the public. He was not able to send me a copy because it was taken out of his system access. It looks like “the shadow” is really calling the shots in this case.top-right large

If Canada really was honorable and legal they would honor their own words, right? etowoam told us they rely on the written word and it is how they will be judged. Let us judge them now, by their own words. etowokoam

The return of the peace is upon us now so let us all follow the good path and keep a good mind. Everything we do with the land, we need to take into consideration 7 generations in front, as we are caretakers for them yet to come. We are all one.

Unity, Strength, Peace,

thahoketoteh of kanekota

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