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Native American refugee in Russia

John Robles

I am an Anonymous friend of the family of Mr. John Anthony Robles II the first former US national with asylum in the Russian Federation and in October of 2014 wrote a press release regarding the case of Mr. Robles in an attempt to garner him the support and attention he deserves and because I was horrified by the unenviable situation he was placed in by governments who have treated him and his family like commodities and used him for propaganda purposes.

The original press release was published on the site Veterans Today in October 2014 and is still online. It was released after John exposed the Boston Bombing and a CIA rendition airline and after the liquidation of the Voice of Russia where John had been defending causes and unpopular topics like Serbia, Palestine, Anonymous and exposing 911 and US illegality of every kind including US wars and spying and then was poisoned and illegally terminated. What has happened since is even worse.


The following is an update to the family’s situation. The passing of time has made it clearer who the parties are behind his continued persecution however I place the blame for everything that has happened to Mr. Robles and his family and children directly on Russian President Vladimir Putin although Robles insists Putin simply does not know and is not told about him and his family or is told lies such as John makes up stories or no one pays attention to John or John never worked for Security. As the guarantor of the Russian Constitution and the person who could have given the family citizenship over a decade ago and allowed them to live normal lives President Putin is the only person who can help and this letter is directed at him and it is hoped it gets his attention and he finally helps the family rather than yet another washed up Hollywood star who has nothing to do with Russian in yet another cynical PR stunt orchestrated by the Jewish media.

There is also the issue of an illegal order that was given years ago, in 2009 when the Robles family were about to get citizenship, under which no person with asylum could get citizenship. Citizenship in Russia is something Robles has earned 150 thousand times and is the only way to live a normal life in Russia but there are Western agents in the Russian Government who have blocked every attempt.

I talked to Robles and read what he has been publishing and he asked me if there was anything I could do to help as his situation has only got worse and worse, and now his son is in prison on clearly trumped up charges and his family has been destroyed completely. Anyone with half a brain would find it suspicious that John’s son who was working developing Aps for phones, translating, teaching and about to get married would sell two tablets of ecstasy after already fighting one such fake arrest that had been filmed and was executed by a known police narco-ring called the Wolves in Epaulettes!


The Human Rights Disaster of the Century or the Systematic Murder of a Family?

Dear Russia,

Why are you killing and destroying someone who has been fighting for your country and his family?

It has been happening right in front of the world’s noses for over a decade, with updates on social media, photographs and documents and testimony provided regularly and updated, the person in question even has a Wikipedia page and has had articles written about him and his family on major US and world outlets, but no matter what happens President Putin’s Russia just cannot seem to abide by or allow one family to have basic human rights and judging from the case of these asylees from the United States, President Putin must be a puppet of the Globalists or he has no control over people in his own government who obviously are working for US and Zionist interests.

John Robles and his site JAR2 http://jar2.com com along with John Young and Cryptome were the first two sites in the world publishing Secret or sensitive US Government documents and was in fact the first WikiLeaks and was a serious problem for the US Government because being based in Russia the site could not be touched. However once Robles was identified they went after him and his family.

John has now admitted openly that he was the first publisher of the MI6 files, a list of hundreds of active MI6 officers which was blamed on Richard Tomlinson, and said he believes that the MI6 list and his publication of documents and exposure of a secret NSA Program involving “Subliminal Scripts” was what brought him to be targeted by US Intelligence in Russia although he had run ins with them in the US and Cuba.

The last time we focused on journalist John Robles we went into his journalistic work and we never mentioned that he hosted WikiLeaks material during the first shut down of Wikileaks or the quantity or quality of the leaks he was releasing. I now believe it is more his site they are afraid of and his political commentary against the US and all of his interviews on the Voice of Russia regarding 911 and US illegality may have just been used to justify his real persecution.

A teacher and a journalist and an outspoken critic of the CIA and US policy it is now clear that John’s criticism and his real work against attempts by the US to destroy Russia, most importantly his exposure of Michael McFaul’s Color Revolution plans are now the real source of his persecution. The globalists and Sayanim in the media and government are just helping the CIA and the US.

Just by looking at one third of the things that have been done to this family would make it clear there is a conspiracy against them and organized persecution by cynical people in the pay of the West. My opinion is that they are attempting to drive him to suicide or worse. John is threatened on a daily basis, has found his name on multiple Ukrainian nazi sites and has gone through so much which he wrote about on his blog that he was forced to close the blog because the amount of persecution (and he has not even written about everything) seems too incredible to believe, even to John himself.

I contacted John recently and he filled me in on what has happened since we last spoke and quite frankly it is almost beyond belief.

Court Case Against Rossiya Sevodnya

Three years is a lot of time and a lot has happened to John and his family. He told me that he took Rossiya Sevodnya to court over his illegal firing! His termination and even poisoning clearly political moves by the Globalists and Jewish management whose hidden anti-Russian agenda John came up against. Of course with their connections in the government nothing came of the law suit, he was not re-instated and did not receive compensation and in open court the lawyer even had the unmitigated audacity to say John was not even a newsreader or an announcer (his principle job). Remember Rossiya Sevodnya is a state body so of course the state is not going to find against itself but John believed his case was so strong and clear that he was brave enough to go up against the oligarch and Jewish media mafia boss Kisilyeov.

The result was the same as when his school which he had developed and worked at for 13 years was taken away by Ukrainian mafia figures in Malahovka. A case which he won but no award which had been ruled in John’s favor was ever paid.

Multiple Renunciations and Even the Stripping of His Citizenship Mean Nothing

Even though John’s acceptance of asylum included a renunciation of US citizenship, even though John was not born in the United States but in Puerto Rico and is an Indigenous American, even though John publicly renounced his US citizenship in front of millions of people and even though he worked for one of the Russian Security Services (something everyone involved in his case know about including the CIA station chief Moone and Michael McFaul) he still has not gotten a normal passport and has not been able to normalize his status.

Permanent Asylum! Has to be Renewed Every Year? Torture!

For over ten years now he has had to suffer the constant uncertainty that the Russian Government keeps him hanging under. Even though he renounced his US citizenship and he was told the status is permanent he has to go to an interview and get his status prolonged every year. If this were not bad enough he has had to also renew every other legal document he needs to survive at the same time.

It is stunning after all he has done yet every Hollywood idiot who comes along can get citizenship just by asking and of course paying what is reported to be one million dollars to the Jewish media bosses and a big PR campaign is done and Russia looks attractive and fair and as if it is standing up to the US when it is in fact just helping Hollywood elites escape their tax responsibilities.

14 Years – Russia’s Real WikiLeaks!

John has given Russia its own WikiLekas since 2003 but the Jews who control the media will not acknowledge anything he has done or any of his work. His leaks as oppesed to those of the Limited Hangout Operations WikiLEaks and the Intercept are real and unedited and John has seriously investigated 911. He must therefore be marginalized and ignored because he does not support the US destruction or Russia and Russian culture and the Russian World and more importantly does not support the Zionist New World Order takeover of the world and the false construct and supremacy of Israel.


John believed maybe things would have changed with the change of the government structures overseeing the FMS but Molodievsky is still in charge of his case and is believed to be the one who gave the order that no refugees are to receive citizenship.

From Teacher and Asset to Open Target

He asked for asylum and received it because he worked with the Russian Government in secret up to that point and he knew the US had been told and had hoped he would be protected. All he wanted was just to lead a normal life as a normal Russian citizen with his family when he and his children applied for citizenship in 2009 but there are powerful US backed and bought and paid for forces that have made that impossible. It does not even matter that John has two Russian daughters who have citizenship and who he is not allowed to see and that he was officially married twice. Given his asylum his cover was blown and he has become an open target since then.

Russian Obligations

Russia should be reminded that it has international obligations when it comes to dealing with refugees and political asylees and is violating international laws and treaties with regard to refugees in its treatment of the entire Robles Family. It is also violating standard practice in protecting assets.

Where are the Billions for Refugees Going?

It is stunning that Russia has entire ministries and departments receiving funding and even being allocated billions for housing being built for refugees but nowhere are there any refugees who have received any real help and with an order that they cannot receive citizenship they have no future.

Son Arrested and Run Out of Town

John was quite literally chased out of Moscow after his son was arrested on trumped up charges and he was threatened to be “arrested and kept for life in some room thinking up plans for the government”. The son’s trial was a farce and an obvious political persecution as no steps to allow for their defense were allowed and now it has been learned that even the witnesses were off-duty police working for the same narco-mafia body that creates drug prosecutions then demands bribes in the millions then takes possessions of the victims cars and properties while the victim is sent to die in a prison zone. These people have even killed FSB agents and their families but no one wants to listen or do anything against them.

The only things that saved John from his own trumped up prosecution was when he left Moscow and made a very public renunciation of US Citizenship in Crimea. During his time in Crimea his ex-wife filed a false report with the police that John had been attempting to break down their door and threatening to kill people. Unfortunately for them they did not know John was not even in the Moscow Region but thousands of kilometers away. Of course nothing was done to this family for filing a false report.

Renunciation Leads to Job Loss, Permanent Blacklisting and Stalking by Alpha Bank

After his renunciation in Crimea John lost his job at the Alibra School where he had been teaching Business English, apparently the neo-Liberal Globalist management did not appreciate his anti-US act (he says the person who fired him was on the MOSSAD list he published) and then the Alpha Bank where John was getting his salary from Alibra began demanding that he fill in forms for the US Government saying he did NOT renounce his citizenship. A ridiculous moot point since receiving asylum requires a renunciation of US citizenship and he was already stripped of US citizenship by the US Embassy in Moscow. Even a couple of months ago Alpha Banks sent yet another request for John to fill in US forms even though he has not used or accessed that account for three years as he has not worked for Alibra.

Jumped and Physically Threatened

John says he was attacked and approached physically and threatened on five occasions near his garage before he left Moscow. He says on three occasions he had to fight them off.

No Peace in Crimea

Moving to Crimea John thought he would find peace among Russian patriots but was unable to find employment under the impossibly difficult conditions there. The site JAR2 was on-line in Crimea but he was subject to constant attacks and then attacks by the SBU and ended up living with the Night Wolves motorcycle gang, the leader of which told John that his son’s arrest was ordered by the US Embassy. John claims that he was followed by SBU Agents and even by men in Jeeps wearing t-shirts and hats with Balckwater/Academi logos.

In Hiding in a Bunker

John is now hiding somewhere in the Moscow Region and never goes out and is living under horrendous conditions with his health deteriorating. He says because of his lack of passport and the fact that his car had to be registered to another person and he drove it for over ten years under a power of attorney that it was literally taken from away from him by one Sergey K., as was his phone and all of his possessions in the garage he rented from the Sergey K and even though he reported it to the police nothing was done. These were the same ring in Lubertsy that staged the arrest of his son.

Not Allowed to See Daughter

He still has not been allowed to see his daughter Varvara and his daughter Kayla is also in hiding after the arrest of John III and also can not get citizenship even though she has lived almost her entire life in Russia. John III is facing deportation to the US where John believes he will be tortured or trafficked for organs or whatever the CIA has planned. John has not been able to see his son for almost three years now.

Fighting for the Truth: 911, DNC, Seth Rich, Illuminati, New World Order and Saving Russia

John has continued his journalistic work exposing the New World Order and the Globalists and has exposed WikiLeaks and the Intercept as Limited Hangouts and entrapment operations for US intelligence. He has massive amounts of information on JAR2 regarding the New World Order the Illuminati the US 5th Column tearing Russia apart and the US Deep State and 911 criminals trying to take over the world, even naming names and dates and operations. According to John 911 has been solved and the principle culprit is Israel.

John has direct evidence as a former WikiLeaks Associate that the DNC files were handed to Craig Murray by Seth Rich on thumb drives. He was publishing the Podesta e-mails and the DNC files in unison with WikiLeaks and claims that sometimes his releases preceded WikiLeaks’ but since his Twitter Account was suspended cannot prove that fact. John says without doubt that Julian Assange was renditioned out of the Ecuadorian Embassy on October 16th 2016 and it is not clear who it is who appeared on the balcony. He also claims the person running the Assange Twitter account is a fake and that the account was verified to be false by WikiLeaks spokesman Hrafnsson in 2012. The fact that it is in France and the “Assange” writes in very poor American English does not seem to bother anyone in the Globalist controlled media.

Pelosi and Children as Collateral Became Clear With Pizzagate

John has hosted the largest repository of Pizzagate material on the web since last October, the Clinton Files and much more and was suspended 4 times from Twitter for Pizzagate. This evidence made it clear to John why Nancy Pelosi offered John a return of his passport if he sent his children to the US as collateral. John says the Illuminati/Zionist/New World Order is ideologically a Satanic Death Cult which is trying to normalize every kind of perversion including pedophilia. He says next on the list is bestiality and then 11 other perversions leading to the destruction of societies.

A Changing of the Management in Russia

It is important to note that in 2009 just before John and his family were supposed to receive citizenship the vice Director of the Security Services and the head of FMS were changed by the Governor of the Moscow Region and that is when John’s troubles began.

russian constitutional law

CIA Assets Placed in Positions of Power Since the Collapse of the USSR Behind His Persecution and Protected by Edward Snowden?

So What? The CIA assets placed in the Russian Government in the 1990s are safe? Then there is the recent revelation that a colleague of Edward Snowden has made. Snowden has been discovered to actually be one Edward Greenberg a cousin of Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) and was sent to Russia by Ex-President Obama to target journalists and anyone who was a threat to exposing 911 and the CIA infrastructure in Moscow which is exactly what John was exposing.

Documents Please and the Russian System

Why is the internal passport so important? Basically Russia has an archaic dystopian system and society built on and based on a stamp in a document and the documents and the stamps are issued by little mafia war lords who you must pay homage and money to and never criticize or you will be branded crazy and all that you have will be taken away. It is the only country in the world with such a corrupt and destructive system exists. The registration requirement was deemed unconstitutional but is still enforced and a few year ago a Russian official who protested the system was locked in a mental institution.

Everything from health care to taxes to driving licenses to vehicle registration depends on the internal passport and most importantly on registration. For refugees getting registration is a near impossibility and requires paying bribes (usually John has not and is fortunate) which is exactly what it is designed for. If it were in place for any other reason than collecting bribes, such as security, then individuals could register themselves at any address they reside at but in Russia someone has to do it for you who has a propiska (a resident stamp). Again this system is even against the Russian Constitution and is illegal but it continues to this day because it keeps the whole bribe system going.

A Pyramid of Corruption

For the entire Moscow region the person at the top of the passport registration pyramid is named Molodievsky and apparently he has issued orders that no one is to receive citizenship who is a refugee. He apparently makes his own laws and the system is set up so even if you complain to President Putin, as John did on multiple occasions after being threatened and told he must pay bribes, the complaint goes to the person you are complaining about and who must investigate himself and of course will find nothing wrong.

A Black Hole for Asylees and Refugees

For refugees the system is even worse and basically rather than receiving protection and assistance, even elementary humanitarian aid, being a refugee in Russia means giving up any rights you may have had and being completely reliant on a system that will just milk every last possible dollar and bit of life right out of you until you die. Some countries give benefits and assist refugees and asylees but in Russia there is absolutely nothing done to help them. John who has a higher education was a teacher and journalist and radio announcer cannot find a job because he has been black listed.

After ten years as a refugee this ex-US citizen has seen the bottom of the world’s social barrel and been treated as though he is human waste. He says there is no legal assistance, the United Nations will not help him, there is no social assistance, job or education assistance or even elementary housing or food assistance. Basically you get a document and are told you have all the rights of Russians but you can’t vote! However in practical terms you have no rights whatsoever and I think John’s experiences have proven that.

Complaints are Useless

The corrupt system is self-sustaining and will never change, for example every complaint that John and his family wrote to President Putin never reached him. The letters were sent to the bodies and individuals against whom the family complained and of course the results was what has happened to them.

Cronyism and Who You Know

John’s divorce and his son’s arrest on trumped up charges were all tried in the same courthouse which in fact did not even have jurisdiction. Why? Because that is where the US Embassy and the corrupt filth who went after him could buy the judges, any idiot could have seen that, but the ruling against his son in a trial where they were not allowed to see the evidence against them nor present evidence in support of John’s son nor question or cross examine witnesses was a farce of historic proportions.

John’s divorce and custody fight was the same and his alcoholic ex-wife whose father is a supposed “General” was successful in first saying the child was John’s, which he believed was not true, then in limiting his visitation, then in making it impossible to see the child. The system has no basis in law but is only based on influence and money and power. It is the exact system the US and the CIA want in Russia because it allows them to get away with anything they want.

Pre-Planned Divorce

The final insult in the divorce, which was finalized one day before John could have filed for citizenship under marriage by the way, was that John’s wife and her lawyer actually wanted to take away John’s parental rights because he speaks Russian with an accent. That is the kind of scum (from Ukraine by the way) that John has dealt with for 20 years in Lubertsy.

No One to Go To and No Legal Protections

So you see the problem the family had when John’s son recently contacted him with new evidence that should exonerate him. There is no one they can go to.

Nothing has changed and the order still stands that no refugee or person with asylum is to receive citizenship. This should be a clear warning to anyone who is seeking to obtain asylum in Russia. You will, as John put it, fall into a black hole from whilst you will never get out.

Final Insult

Now the final insult! After serving Russia and fighting US imperialism in Russia for 20 years and working for the Russian State and the Russian Government John will simply be denied status and sent to the USA to be tortured until he dies. Just like the Embassy wants. Unless of course he reveals all of his secret work and violates his non-disclosure agreements which of course will not result in anything good in Russia and probably only his own death.

Rattling Cages and Spreading the Word

John and his family need to know that they are not alone and that there are millions of people in the world who support his work and what he has done. Although he refuses to talk about his work for the Russian Intelligence Agencies he says everything he did was about protecting Russia and the Russian State. He claims to have 5 non-disclosure agreements with the Russian Government.


So why can’t he simple get a passport in 22 years with 4 children in Russia, 2 who are Russian citizens and 2 ex Russian wives after serving the Russian State for over 2 decades? He refused to pay the bribes to people on the CIA payroll? His letters have never gotten to President Putin? The only other explanation is that President Putin is part of the New World Order! For his part John refuses to believe that and has staked his life and the lives of his children on that simple fact. I hope he is right. At the least dozens of Russian officials are playing a double dealing game using John as a pawn and if President Putin does not know about John and the fake that is Edward Greenberg he must somehow be informed.

If you can help please contact John directly at +7-965-131-5479, through his site at www.jar2.com where there is a PayPal link or by e-mail at jar2@list.ru or jar2@jar2.com or simply make a donation.

Out of desperation after 22 years in exile if Russia still refuses to normalize his status John and his family are ready to accept citizenship in any country that is anti New World Order and anti US imperialist and where he and his family can live safely and in peace. He speaks fluid Spanish and is interested in possibly Venezuela or China.

What Will Happen to John III?

He is concerned that his son will be tortured or trafficked by the CIA and the Pelosi-Clinton-Obama-CIA human trafficking rings. Remember his whole story started with CPS trying to destroy his family and collecting money for his children even though they were raised in Russia and Nancy Pelosi asked for his kids as collateral.

After John III serves three more years he is to be deported even though he had asylum. The new evidence they have that the witnesses in the case were police officers must be looked at. This was a rogue police drug ring and having witnesses who are police in a prosecution where the evidence was kept secret and witnesses were not allowed to be cross examined or brought in for the defense should make the verdict invalid even under Russian law. But the authorities have to somehow be convinced to take this seriously and allow the family justice.

During the trial in front of the US Embassy Officials the judge told John that “If we find the prosecution illegal 30 -40 people will lose their jobs”. So John’s innocent son should go to prison for 5 years have his life destroyed and then be deported so that corrupt killer narcotics trafficking police can keep their jobs? No!

Falling Apart

John has not had a job since 2014 and his health is deteriorating and he is certain he does not have long left. He had wanted to live in Crimea where at least it is warm but could not find any kind of employment whatsoever. As soon as people see refugee papers they turn you away. I believe it is racism but John says Russians are not racist. According to him he is almost an invalid with arthritis and suffers now in the endless cold in the north. He says he has dry sockets in his knees and needs and operation and cannot raise his left arm due to arthritis. He continues to try to raise donations for his journalistic work and his site and has thus survived for three years.

Russia has made everything a living hell for the family even simply transferring money onto his credit card has been made impossible by the bank so he has to ask someone to do it and give them a percentage. Since he does not have a passport that is what the bank does to refugees.

Not being able to get a job has not stopped demands for monies he must pay his ex-wife either and John who has not even been able to barely make enough to eat is afraid he will just be wiped out due to that.

I do not know what more I can do but I ask you to try to get this story out and if anyone can somehow get President Putin to finally pay attention to this family to please help! Even after everything you have just read John maintains that President Putin is a good man and Russia is a good country and that he is just being persecuted by corrupted US elements and assets. He knows for everything he has exposed on JAR2 that he can never leave Russia and he will be killed by the US Government.

An Anonymous Friend of the Robles Family

In order to help the family please make a small donation here: please help the Robles 

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